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Moogle War related links:

  • The Final Fantasy Mailing List.
    The forum that the Moogle War is written at. If you like great conversations, interesting people, and can stand off-topicness, our twisted sense of humor, and a little petty bickering now and then, the FFML may just be the mailing list for you. And for you people who don't want a bunch of messages in your mailbox everyday, there is also a digest option.
  • Lady Paladin's Homepage: Moogle War II, Behind the Scenes
    Features Beth's original artwork and some other descriptions and representations of MWII characters and locations.
  • FFML Fanfics
    In addition to some other old-school FFML listfics, this page contains a post-MW1 fanfic by Dark Lord Eric. The Prologue to the story, written by Schala, is a very good summary of the first Moogle War.

Other noteworthy fanfics and RPSs:

  • Final Fantasy III Stories: Urban Harvest
    Cypher's unfinished masterpiece. It sets the story of FFIII(VIj) in a dark, post-apocalyptic America, in the year 2099.
  • NuRPG
    A very interesting Role Playing Story. For a really good read, check out "Lucca" or any other stories on there by Nich Maragos.

My other projects:

  • Radio Free Spacecat
    My own internet radio station. My ever-growing playlist is a collection of some of my favorite songs from different genres. Be sure to tune into my weekly live broadcast on saturday nights, when I take your requests in real time!
  • My original music
    On this page you can stream and/or download mp3s of some of my musical compositions.
  • The Snowbank Seven
    This is a band that I play with.
  • Sites that have linked to me:

  • The Gameshark Notebook
    An Amature gameshark website with original non-cheat codes for RPGs.

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