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The Moogle War FAQ

Based on original FAQ by His Dark Lordship.
Nighthawk's description by Larathia.
Edited and added to by Aaron Ackerson/Spacecat.
HTMLized and minor fixes by Aaron Gover.

   Q: What are the Moogle Wars?

   A: The Moogle War is sort of an FFML (Final Fantasy Mailing List) tradition. It goes back to a long time ago. Generally, it has basically always taken place in a sorta merger of the FF2 and FF3 worlds (or FF4 and FF6 for you purists.) Though in recent incarnations FF7 and FF8 have also been included, though only to a limited degree (the majority of the main characters became Mog's Queens. More later.)

   Anyway, the plot was really simple. The Moogles got ticked off at humans somehow and declared war. During the course of the first war, there were at first 3 Mogs, though one eventually beat the other two out. This Mog was portrayed by Anthony Ciolli. At first, Mog was a normal hell bent conquerer, then.. something changed.

   Mog (Ciolli), as it was stated, attempted to abduct Kaitlin for his queen. This of course failed and really screwed his position up. After this, Mog generally was portrayed as a horny maniac who has been slowly descending ever since.

   Another part of the MW was that other groups decided to get involved too. Chrono Trigger's Reptites and Mystics came to battle humanity. Mog eventually tried to double cross his new allies, and his hopes were crushed. Also important to note is that fairly famous list Honour Lord and Knight Kain gave his life to end the first Moogle War.

   The war at this point wasn't exactly approved by many. It wasn't for close to a year that another one would be started. In this time many fanfics were written depicting the slow descent of Mog (now controlled by Dark Lord Eric) into drooling Sexmonkeyism, Mog becoming a cyborg, the legendary T-Rex that always suddenly appears to munch on him at the most inopportune times, and the fact the little prick can't die... permenantly.

   The second war was spawned out of another war at the time, the underwear heist. The second war was more well recieved and organized than the first. It lasted for a long time but finally died as the antagonist portraying Mog left the list. The war went on for short while after that but people lost interest.

   Then there was a third one. The plot basically set it 600 years after MW2, allowing for nifty plot additions & backgrounds. Mog captured Vector due to a treacherous young Ruler who hoped to double cross him soon and assume command, and several other groups with different goals emerged on various other sides. Also, a romantic relation occured between unlikely candidates Michael Jordan and Adolf Hitler.

   Q: How come there is not an archive of posts from the first Moogle War?

   A: That's because no one on the list has saved e-mails from that far back. But trust me, you're not missing much. MW1 (also known as the Moogle Revolution) was a mess. It was fun, but it was chock full of invincibility posts and flagrant continuity errors. If you'd like to know more about the story of MW1, Schala wrote a good summary of it here.

   Q: Okay, so what's Hillion Dynasty?

   A: HD is a sequel to the MWs which takes place 1,200 years after MW3. This time around, the moogles are not the bad guys, and instead of a war theme, this story is supposed to fit more into the FF theme of an unlikely group of heros going on a long journey to stop an evil overlord bent on world domination.

   Q: Cool, so what are the rules for participating in these stories?

   A: Although MWs and HD are not as formal and structured as some other role-playing stories, there are certain generally-accepted codes of conduct:

  1. Don't try and resolve things, unless it's obvious the battle/scene/brawl/etc. has nowhere else to go. Especially do not try and resolve the war by blowing the enemies' base up or whatever. This leads to annoying invincibility wars.
  2. Which leads us to the next one. No invincible armies. Of course we can assume that a great hero or general can take on an entire squad with only a few minor wounds, but the entire army is not heroes. They're grunts that probably signed up to impress their girlfriends. Generally, size wize, since Moogles are generally weaker physically than humans they would have larger armies, but they (Mog's group in paticular) have other weird creations (like MoogleBoars, giant Moogles with tusks) which even things out so the armies generally would be the same size. So two ten-thousand man armies are equal strength. The characters you write for don't even have to be directly involved in the war. (This one is more relevant to the MWs than HD.)
  3. Also, finish what you start. Not only is it bad form to write posts about a character and then quiting without bringing closure to their storyline, but if the plots of other writers have come to depend on the actions of your character(s), it can be downright destructive to their plots if you just up and quit. If you think that you will not have the time or energy to write often, then either don't get involved at all, or just keep what you do contribute to a minimum. If you're already heavily involved, but you suddenly aren't able to participate with the frequency that you participated with previously, do your best to wrap up loose ends as soon as possible, so as not to do any damage to the story as a whole.

  4. Characters. Most writers won't be commanding an army. They may be part of an army or just travelling around in these harsh times (especially in HD!) Obviously, a character will survive most/all situations posed at them, though it should be stated that they aren't invincible (even though Bacca was able to take on several squads of Moogles, he usually was in the infirmary for two weeks with the Lady Paladin nursing him) There are a few rare exceptions of actual invincible characters (like the Dark Lord, for example) however, these characters rarely have a "hands on" role in the story and are more behind the scenes schemers (as an example, the Lord of Darkness sells powers to either sides and plays them to convince them to fight harder, for his enjoyment.) Generally though, even these characters have an Achilles' heel, though whether they're exploited or not is up to the creator.
  5. If you're going to take part in the story, read all the current posts. Or if you joined the list recently, or haven't started reading MW or HD posts until recently, and you want to know what's been going on up until now, you can ask Spacecat for some info, and he'll help you out. Also, it is recommended that all writers join the Hillion Dynasty mailing list, where writers discuss their ideas with each other.
Hmmm... ah well, while I'm at it I'll do one more thing:

   Great names in MW history!

   (for reference)

   Mog - Duh. The undisputed leader of the Moogles. He is a horny madman whousually has a whore servicing him under his desk. He is solely resposible for the intense horniness that the moogles had during the second and third MWs (Moogles had a tendancy to rape their prisoners to death, or "Death by Kupo")

   Bacca - Will be referred to a LOT. He was the hero of MW2. Bacca was simply amazing, born for the job. He was noble hearted, a fantastic swordsman, a tad full of himself, dashing, daring, certainly willing to throw his life on the line despite the fact he was leading the last defence of humanity, and an all around hero. He was possessed by a War God late in the war which eventually drove him mad and ultimately resulted in a stalemate, afterwhich the God was dispelled by an Ork named Drugga (also enchanted) and he disapeared. (though the history books coincientally leave this part out. ^_^)
   After that, he was possessed by Samael, the angel of death, and took Mog's life, then disapeared (he died after Sameal was done using him). Later, he and Mog were both resurrected and they fought it out one last time, with Bacca winning, and the prophecy (see below) was unfufilled. It is believed he and his wife, Lady Paladin, retired in his homeland and lived happily ever after. No one knows for sure.

   Which brings us to...

   The Dark Lord, a.k.a Eric, a.k.a. Thanatos, a.k.a. Tyrqrah/Tyrquah - An ancient being. He is notourious for making up false pasts and identities, and no one knows if her ever tells the absolute truth. Some believe that he is an omnipotent God on earth who seems to be conducting some sort of experiment. Or maybe he's just cruel. All anyone really knows is that he fooled both Mog and Bacca into prolonging MW2 because he stated that a prophecy was written, which said that if Mog lost the world would cease to exist. It is also believed he is responsible for the madness of Mog in general. Once again, it is possible that this is part of a great scheme, or he's just cruel. He is said to be a good friend of the often recurring Reptite Ruler, Azala.

   Drugga (da Klubba) - a wild and rowdy ork. Drugga emerged as the ruler of Orkdom and charged against humanity because it sounded like fun. Drugga would be best remembered as the only one to ever defeat Bacca in combat (twice), except that the historians wrote that he never really existed. Drugga was instrumental in many victories for the moogles though he supposedly died after a drunken party made him awake in bed with the Dragooness Jaana, who in a wild rage killed him. His people killed her and her lover, Sephiroth, but despite all this Drugga apparantly forgave them, even in death. He was never seen without his pair of giant clubs that he used to bash things in with.

   General Alan - Alan was the primary hero of the first MW. He kept a low profile in the second one, however. He was always ready to stop Mog's invasions, as well as the Reptite's and Mystic's. It was rumoured that he overran Mog's home village in an act of spite though this was never proven and he has of course denied it. If it weren't for Alan, such fantastic heroes like Bacca would never had existed, for Mog would've surely won. At the time of MW3, Alan supposedly lived in a grove, apparantly unaware of the fact that it had been about 600 years since he last fought.

   Jaana - Harassed in the first, heroine in the second. Jaana, in all honesty, was on her own for it all though. Her primary achievement was resurrecting Sephiroth, whom she immediately pounced on and he hasn't had a break since.

   Sephiroth - Jaana's bitch, effectively. (Lucky Bastard!) Her and Mog had a struggle over him, Mog continually hypnotising him. It is also believed that somehow Mog impregnated him, and their son, Turan, was born in an Ork camp that the pair had taken refuge in. Both Sephiroth and Jaana were killed by vengeful orks after Drugga was killed. Turan was apparantly returned to Mog (the orks felt merciful.)

   The Druidess Kaitlin - Doesn't really want a part of things anymore, but her role was an important one. In the first MW she was chased after by Mog, and in the second she helped battle against him, though finally for odd reasons beyond anyone's reasoning the Dark Lord is rumored to have wisked her away under the guise of a dashing hero along with another maiden, Schala.

   Schala - Also harassed in the first MW. Unlike the other victims of Mog's libido, she wasn't exactly vengeful in the second. This was her undoing. Schala's story was a story of a maiden used for any and all purposes. For similar reasons as Kaitlin, the Dark Lord had Schala protected. However, he apparantly didn't keep a watchful enough eye, as several Moogles were able to slip in and rape her during an absense one night. After that, Schala (and Kaitlin) are believed to have been wisked off by a great knight, and weren't seen again, though other evidence suggests that she died after using all of her life force to summon Lavos to ressurect Bacca in one of the last battles of MW2.

   The Lady Paladin - Anything Bacca acomplished in the second war would have not been possible if it weren't for the Lady Paladin. She came in, somewhat angered by Bacca's overbearingness but ultimately falling in love with him. She was an acomplished healer and an acomplished warrior and the main doctor of the army. She herself also slew several beasts threatening her and her companions. She also was alledged to be a dreamseer, though whether this is true or not is unknown.

   The Alchemist, Lorinan - He came to the army with little anouncement, but he saved Bacca's life, giving his own. He sensed Bacca's death and prevented it by taking the bolt that would have ended his life. Supposedly the Druidess Kaitlin had the means of reviving him, but she never was able to return to civilization to do so, at least, not during the war.

   Shadow - Apparantly after several deaths of the only close friends he had, Shadow had gone insane. All he did was kill, and he did it well. His only mark on his sleeve is the fact that his assassination attempt on Bacca (hired by Mog) failed due to the efforts of Lorinan, and he was imprisoned for a short while. Despite this, Shadow was a definate factor in the war as many great people were slain on either sides by his hand.

   In MW3, Shadow was not the same person as in MW2. The story is that the original shadow passed on his name to his apprentice, who gave the title to his apprentice, etc. Other than commiting a few more assasinations, the role that the newest Shadow played in MW3 was as a spy for Mog. I this capacity, he learned the weakness of the avariel. When the moogles used this knowledge in the final battle, the avariel assumed that Doma had double-crossed them, turning them against humans.

   Nighthawk - A flying elf, or avariel, from the world of Seromath, a world with innumerable 'gates' or rifts to other worlds, which only appear according to certain criteria. Passing through a gate renders the traveller immune to death by age, which would be a problem if it weren't for the fact that most gates lead to near-certain death by other means. Nighthawk is one of maybe a dozen people on that world able to survive the hazards of the gates, and is several thousand years old.

   Nighthawk became involved in Moogle War because she believed the Moogles - if victorious - would find the way to Seromath and endanger her race. So she chose a suicide squad of some 300 avariel warriors of various skills and brought them all through. By the end of the Moogle War, Nighthawk had become certain that she had acted prematurely, and placed her people in needless danger and exile. Believing herself and her race to be betrayed by their former allies (the human army), Nighthawk chose to leave the world of the Moogle War again as soon as the gate home allowed her to do so - some thousand years later. Left behind were two 'flights' or squads of ten avariel, who rebuilt the avariel race on the Moogle world. Only eight of this twenty still survive.

   Spacecat - Heh... no comment.

   (Just Kidding)

   Spacecat never really himself openly participated in the wars, but he did contribute an important factor. He did supply half of Bacca's army (a race of Lance Henriksens, apparantly cloned.) He also was the most travelled of any person in the story, and definately saw the most points of view. He got drunk with Azala, satisfied Mog's queens while Mog wasn't available, fought alongside Bacca and almost scored with Schala (at least in his mind.) Spacecat's descendant, Kat, was the general of the Henriksen army in MW3.

   Poochie, the Rockin' Esper Dog! - Native of Tattooine, servant of Bahamut, King of the Espers. Poochie was an insignificant player in MW1, a mentor to Spacecat in MW2, and somewhat of a major player in MW3. In MW3, he was possesed by the spirit of Denar, an evil part-esper.

   Azala, King of the Reptites - Azala, from Chrono Trigger, was a rather heavy factor in MW 1. He was the ally of Mog then, against humanity. Mog eventually attempted to double cross him when he realized that Azala was in fact getting stronger than Mog was. His finest achievement then was capturing Figaro castle, which was then refitted to look like his home temple. He also researched and improved the turbos and made it possible for them to burrow to any point on the globe. It is this and this alone that made his so potent an enemy. However, in the second Moogle War, he was only on Mog's side because of the prophecy. He had always stated to his people that he would turn on Mog as soon as Bacca was dead. However, the Reptites apparantly got tired of the whole shanatigans and dropped out of the war. Azala's acomplishments in the second MoogleWar are few, though it is said he wished to confront Bacca.

   The Dark Moogle - He came, he caused what to some was only a small ripple, but to others was a serious threat, and was eventually defeated by the Materia Warriors (Chaos, Spacecat, and others). He was opposed to Mog, but also to humanity.
   At one point the humans travelled to crystal peak to stop him from overtaking the world. While this whole thing was going on, Mog and co. were on a complete rampage and Bacca was hard pressed to hold them back. That was the Dark Moogles contribution

   Pat - Pat was a weird one. He was ruler of Matango where the mushroom people partied day in and day out. Then, one day, he heard Mog had disapeared. THen, he became King of the Moogles. This lasted until Mog returned, then he became a General. It is unclear whether Mog gave him immortality, or he just traveled 600 years into the future, to the time of Moogle War III.

   Tim, a.k.a. Jim - A former mercenary who joined the army of Doma in the third Moogle War. He rose up through the ranks and helped win many great victories against the moogle army. He met his untimely fate at the hands of Drugga the ork in the final battle.

   And last, but soytanly not least:

   Kain - Kain's role was minor, yet major. He started the end of the first Moogle War. He charged out between the two lines and took spears from either sides to end the fighting. Between him and some booming gods, the armies were shaken. The fighting went on for a few more months before Mog was finally put to trial and banished.

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