Subj: [ffml] [HD] Here's Hiryuu
Date: 01-01-05 02:47:08 EST
From: (Hiryuu)

An elderly man sat down on a bench next to his shop, taking a break from his work.

"Excuse me..."

"Huh?" The man looked up to see a boy no older than 18, wearing white kung fu pants with a
glittering vest that seemed to be made out of dragons scales.

"I'm looking for the Anything Goes School Of Sexual Arts. Have you heard of it?"

The man blanched. Of course he'd heard tales of the Sexual Art's style, who hadn't?

"A reaction! That means I must be getting close" the boy exclaimed. "After all my

A serious look crossed the man's features. "What would you want to go to a place like that

The boy smirked. "Heh. I see you're willing to hear my tale."

The man started to get up. "Well actually I was just about to-"

The boy pulled a microphone out of nowhere. "It was my fathers dying wish that I train in
all the greatest martial arts in the world and become worthy to carry on the family

An old man is seen on the verge of death. "Hiryuu! it is my dying wish that you learn the
most powerful martial arts styles in the world and become a worthy heir to my school!" The
old mans features slackened and he died.

The man stared at the corpse on the street. "It certainly was his dying wish. So you are

The boy took an arrogant stance. "Hiryuu of the heavenly dragon school of martial arts!
I've spent my entire life training in the greatest styles on earth. I've mastered all but
one... the anything goes style of sexual arts! The art was sealed so I'm figuring it
must have some very powerful techniques. I've tracked the location of a person who still
practices it to somewhere in this region.."

"Thats quite a claim. But are you sure this style is really what you're looking for?" The
man asked incrediously.

"Heh. It can't be that strange. And the way its name is spoken in awe.. it must be very
powerful. Once I master it.. I'll be strong enough to carry on the heavenly dragon school
and find a cure for.." Hiryuu's features darkened "My curse.."

"Curse?" Asked the old man.

Just then a woman appeared in the window above them with a bucket. A voice came from
behind her "Honey are you sure its ok to do that?"

"No one cares, it's just water." She up ended the bucket.

The old man was puzzled. Where the boy had been a while ago was just a pile of wet
clothes. "Oh well, back to work..."

Nearby a wet, bitter moogle sat patiently in front of a campstove. The tea kettle on top
slowly began to heat...

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