Tojo vs. Yago
Tojo vs. Yago

Tojo Mojo

Tojo, wanderings finally over, arrived at Crystal Peak. Images of the defeat at the hands of Rubber Weapon and Cheese Weapon still cluttered his mind, and the screams of his soldiers awakened him in the night. Kupo. Almost 200 of his men died from Kupo. And Tojo felt the guilt pressing down on him like a boulder on his back.
Tojo, however, did not have time to chat with his companions at the peak. As he approached the top, a man he had never seen before came into view.
"And where would you be going, Tojo?", asked the man.
"To the peak... To meet the others. Are you one of them? A friend of Northern Paladin? I haven't gotten a chance to meet everyone yet."
"Yes. I'm one of them. I'm new. Yago," the man paused, "My name is Yago."
"Oh, okay then. Shall we walk to the peak together?"
"Yes. That would be... good.", the man grinned, although Tojo couldn't see it.
Tojo walked alongside Yago, with his 10 men walking quietly behind.
"Beautiful, isn't it", Yago motioned to a cliffside view of the surrounding area.
"Yes, it is."
"Hey, why don't you get a CLOSER LOOK!"
Yoga shoved Tojo over the cliff and spun around. Tojo yelled as he flipped through the air. Tojo's men drew swords (and spells) and moved forward on Yago.
"Hahaha... You can't even touch me."
Yago unleashed a fury of kicks and jumps, and soon six swords lay on the ground. Four spell casters lay unconscious.
"Pitiful... Soldiers these days...."
Yago finished of the remaining soldiers, taking his time and delighting in it. He had done well, he knew.


Tojo moaned. Looking up from where he lay on his back, he could see about 200 ft to where he had been standing.
Tojo turned on his side a little, causing numerous rocks to fall below. He had hit the cliff a few times as he fell, breaking his fall (among other things, he thought). The cries of his men once again entered his head, only now he realized that it was his man on the peak.
"No... Now they're gone too... unh..."
Tojo pulled himself up to stand on the small outcropping where he had landed. Keeping his balance, Tojo silently reviewed arcane words in his head.
"...gods...return me...and grant me the overcome this foe..."
A rainbow of lights began to swirl around Tojo. As the colors blended together, they began to get brighter until Tojo was consumed by a bright, white light.

Yago, having finished off the men, turned and began to walk up to the peak to meet up with some "friends". Yago had taken about ten paces when a rather large fireball hit him in the back. Crying in pain while spinning around, he saw Tojo.
"You... Alive?", Yago bit his lip and sneered, " Looks like I'm gonna have to finish the job."
Yago jumped through the air, foot extended. Tojo, expecting attack, cast Bounce.
"Wha?!", exclaimed Yago as he soared in the air.
Yago hit the magical barrier and bounced of like a kid on a trampoline. He landed on the ground just inches from the edge of the path. Tojo sent another blast of fire Yago's way.
"Aahh!", Yago was now in pain.
Tojo walked forward, and placed his foot on the side of Yago's ribs. With a strong shove, he sent Yago plummeting over the edge. Tojo watched Yago's mighty fall, and his heavy landing.
"He won't be bothering me again.", Tojo said to himself.
Tojo continued on his way to meet up with the others at the top of the mountain.