Nico and Boof vs. Bolgor
Nico and Boof vs. Bolgor

The One and Only Shadow

"Boof, where'd Raz go?"
"Boof no know."
Nico was searching for Raziel. It seemed as if Raziel had just disappeared out of thin air.
"Well, let's go check over there in that tunnel."
The one armed boy and his moogle walked towards the entrance to the tunnel he had just pointed out a few moments earlier. Being closer to it, it seemed much larger.
"I wonder what's in here?"
They wandered in...unknowingly. After 20 minutes of walking, Boof said, "Boof see nothing. Kupo!"
"Yeah, me too. Maybe he's in that other tunnel on the other side."
"I'M RIGHT HERE!" A shout suddenly broke the silence. Nico turned around and saw to his horror, an 8th foot tall behemoth of a man. His face was unshaven, his hair a shaggy mess.
"Ahhh! Boof, it's an ogre!"
"Hey! I ain't no ogre! Me name's Bolgor! And, just for that, I'm gonna skin you alive boy! Make me and mah wife some good old fried human! With the Colonel's recipe too! Har har har!" The monstrosity laughed.
"Boof scared!"
"A moogle too! By tarnation! We'll put you on the spit...and let you roast till your all nice and plump, and...juicy! Marinate that baby for 3 nights!"
"Boof, I think it's about time we got out of here! Run away! I'll try to blast him!" Nico charged up his arm and took two shots at Bolgor. The man was un-phased.
"You call that ther a weapon, boy? Har har har! Yah right!"
The two began to bolt out of the tunnel. They were running for their lives. But, Bolgor was right behind them...shouting out different entrees at the same time as he was running!
"Moogle soup, moogle pot pie, moogle nuggets, moogle and cheese sandwiches, moogle pizza, moogle roast, moogle loaf...mmm...moogle filet, barbecued moogle, rotisserie moogle..."
"Boof, he's crazy! He's trying to catch us to use us as food!"
"You don't think Boof know?!?!"
Still running, they made it out of the tunnel.
"Quick, look for a place to hide! There, behind those barrels!"
They made a mad dash for the barrels and quickly hid behind them. Bolgor stepped out of the tunnel.
"Come out, come out wherever you are..."
"Shhh...try to stay quiet..." Nico whispered.
"Come on least let me have the stomach's hankering for some moogle stew!"
"That's it Boof. I might regret this for the rest of my life...but, this is what I have to do."
Nico stepped out from behind the barrels.
"Ahhh...there you's that moogle friend of yours?"
"" Nico pulled out Boof.
"Good boy! Your gonna wish you made this decision in the very beginning, yes siree! Wahoo! Cream of moogle, here I come!" Bolgor stepped forward to receive Boof. "Now...give em to me!"
"Here you go." Nico handed Boof over to the brute.
Licking his lips, Bolgor said, "This is it! Grilled moogle sandwiches for the rest of my life!"
"Kupo!" Boof yelled as he looked at Nico as if to say, "How could you do this?" Nico looked away.
"Well, are you happy? Could you leave me alone?"
"Yah, yah...shut yer trap." Bolgor turned around and started to walk away, with the moogle clenched inside of his huge fist.
"Wait a minute..."
"Huh? Whaddya want now?"
"I just wanted this!"
Nico kicked one of barrels next to him towards Bolgor. Then, he blasted it with his mechanical arm. The blast was followed by a huge explosion. When the smoke had cleared...the only remnants of Bolgor were his two shoes.
"Dammit! At what risk did I take to save my own life?! Boof's gone!"
"Kupo!" Nico heard from above. When he looked up, he saw Boof hanging on to a rock protruding from the ceiling.
"Boof! Your still alive!"
"Kupo! Get me down!"
"All right, all right!"
Nico got the moogle down, and they began their journey to the peak.