Part Nine: The Dark Moogle Part Nine: The Dark Moogle

"What is this?" says a small, but dark voice from inside a shroud of black
cloaks and armor.

The 3 foot tall figure stands, looking out among his army of Ogre's and Orcs.

"The time has begun to join this new war sweeping the land."

The light shines on him and his army, and suddenly, with a wave of his wand,
they all disapear.

On the battlefield, they reappear, suddenly revealing themselves. A clash of
thunder and lightning erupt, as this moogle steps onto a peak above the
fighting. "I, am the Dark Moogle!! Destined to lead the moogle armies!" He
said. He throws his cloaks to the side, and reveals himself to be a black
moogle. "For years, the white moogles have concealed us inside caves in the
ehart of mountains, but no lnoger will that be! My black moogles, and my black
Ogre army! Prepare for battle! We shall whipe out Mog and his pathetic army!
FORVER! I am at your side, people wishing to whipe out Mog! Come! Let us be


The Northern Paladin rushes back to his lab, with Jaana in tow, asking
his allies to set up a defensive perimiter around his base. With the
help of Jaana's ninja instincts and visions, he begins launching and
re-tasking his orbital recon sattelites to try and locate the hidden
base of Mog.

"Watch as ancient power meshes with modern technology!" The Paladin
says. "With both on our side, we cannot help but triumph against this
evil menace!"

The Paladin then calls up his new R&D department, and asks them to work
on a new licid for Genetics to that will turn the tide of
this conflict in favor of these mighty allies.....

As The Dark Moogle and his army approach, The Northern Paladin confers
with him, and sends him out on a "reconnisance in force" patrol, who's
primary purpose is to draw an attack, so that the rest of the allies may
spring a the brave Dark Moogle Army marches forth with the
best Paladin Magitech(TM) armor and weapons available, a cry of pain is
heard in the distance....

Bacca, stands to the side and polishes his swords. The technology
interests him, but he looks more confused then anything.
"What is all this stuff?" asked the swordsman.
"This, my friend," said the NPaladin, indicating the great
warehouse which surrounded them, filled to the roof with equipment, "is my
special armory. Any type of weapon that has been developed and used pretty
much since time began and man or beast used weapons is in here."
"Really?" Bacca face takes on it's small smile again. "Then I
wonder if you have....."
Bacca takes off into the warehouse and begins throwing things
about. He then comes out with a small vest on. Two mechanical arms extend
below and behind his arms. Two extra swords hand on Bacca's back.
"Just what the doctor ordered," said Bacca, "Mecha-Arms."
NPaladin looked at the warrior, perplexed. "Never knew I had
those. What do they do?"
"You'll see," said Bacca with a smile. He paused and thought a
moment. "I'm ready to go out and fight, but is there anything or anyone
you want me to take out as well?"


Lady Paladin decides to snap out of daydreaming and join in on the conflict.
She arms herself with her best enchanted weaponry available, and seeks out
the Northern Paladin.

"I may not like war, but I'm not about to be a coward..." she says with a
frown, narrowing down on NPaladin's location. "Hmm, he already has a ninja
and some other party members with him, but a healer is always needed." She
grins, and teleports outside his base. Lady Paladin then patiently waits
for the guards to notice her arrival.

Lady Paladin stands outside of the fortress for a full 24 hours, and still
no one acknowledges that she is there. She resorts to yelling, waving, and
throwing fireballs at the parapets, but still not so much as a cannon ball
in return.

"How I am supposed to help if I'm treated like this?" she mumbles, sitting
cross-legged on the ground. "I told the Northern Paladin I was coming...he
must be busy working with his R&D department. She sighs, and wonders how
long she'll have to wait here.


In a fort in the desert somewhere...

"We must make it to the team opposing Mog and his army," mutters the leader of
the Black Moogles. "But let's have some fun along the way."

A large, yet instantly movable town sits on a plateau, with moving abound.

"Okay my army, when I give the words, ATTACKS THOSE FLUFF BALLS! Leave none
alive! We'll be roasting Moogle hide over an open fire tonight!"

Suddenly, like a the rush of a tidal wave, legions of Black Ogres, Black Orcs,
and Black Moogles attack the small town.

Although the town had some powerful wizards, it was no match in the end for
the brute strength of the Dark Moogle army. The twon was raided, and everyone

Dark Moogle: " And now, my good moogle leader, time to die!"

Kupapa: "You'll never get away with this! Mog will kill you!!"

Dark Moogle: "Up yours!" ::snaps his neck:: "Everyone rest up! We must see who
is on our side!"

Deep underground, at the center of sir Mog's labarynth...

Mog: DAMN!!
Mog: an entire village. WIPED OUT!!
Mog: I can't stand it anymore. Kutan!
Kutan: y..yes sir?

"Sir! Over there!" yells one of the Dark Moogles' drone Ogres from up ahead.

"What is it, Forga?" says the Dark Moogle.

He looks on too see, in the distance, some weird lady insanely shooting
fireballs, and yelling a massive metal building, surrounded in mesh wire

"We're here..."

The Dark Moogle and his army approach, but are so rudely greeted by an
oncoming army of Mechs.

"What is the meaning of this?!?" shrieks the Dark Moogle, as he chants a

In an instant, the Dark Moogle and his army are surrounded by a hige red
translucent barrier.

" I wish to speak with one called the Northern Paladin." says the Dark Moogle.

The Dark Moogle is brog\ught to a special cell in the brig, and
NPaladin arrives...

NP: "Moogle! You DARE attack my headquarters!"

DarkM: "I intend no attack!"

NP: "Several days ago, you swarmed and pillaged a town...a NEUTRAL town!
It played no part in this war at all! How do I know you aren't working
with Mog?"

DarkM: "That town was NOT neutral! It hid several members of Emperor
Mog's evil forces!And how DARE you suggest that I, the Dark Moogle,
would work with the likes of Mog! We, the dark ones, have been
persecuted by those of light fur for eternity! We demant equality! We
demand JUSTICE!"

NP: "You killed innocent villagers..ones wanted no part of the war."

DarkM: "No! I seek to make allieship with your army, and destroy every white moogle, and make sure we arte never enslaved again!

NP: "Several days ago, you swarmed and pillaged a town...a NEUTRAL town! It played no part in this war at all! How do I know you aren't working with Mog?"

DarkM: "I attacked that town because it was a white moogle town! Besides. I just got to your world. How the hell am I supposed to know what town is part of what army? And I can guarantee I am not working with Mog. Bring him here. I'll SLIT HIS THROAT LIKE A DEMON BARBER!"

NP: "You killed innocent villagers..ones wanted no part of the war."

DarkM: "They were white moogles who caused black Moogle suffuring. Screw them."

NP: "Well, that attitude won't fly in my want to join us, you will kill the enemy, and ONLY the enemy! IS THAT CLEAR!?!"

DarkM: "For now, I will kill only the army you are against. Although, unless white moogles free every black moogle, and admit I am their leader, I will destroy EVERY white moogle. Mog first. I will take his place at the throne! AND DON'T YELL AT ME! MY MAGIC FAR EXCEEDS ANY OF YOUR METALLIC GIZMOS!"

NP: "Good. Report to General Freeman in Operations for briefing on our methods and procedures. When he feels you are ready for what lies ahead, he will summon me, and you will have what you seek....moogle blood."

Dark Moogle: "I will attack everything you attack, but I can't guarntee I will follow Mr. Freeman's orders."

The Paladin gets out his order of battle and smiles.....for he forsees the end of the evil forces of Moogles, and sooner than he had expected. A smile grows on his face, as he decides how best to exploit the moogles' ultimate weakness...and how the special Licid being grown in Genetics will bring it all together...

The Dark Moogles mind sees what NP is thinking (just this once) and Dark

Moogle also smiles.

Dark Moogle: "My army! Stay here! I will see this Mr. Freeman guy! If I'm not out in an hour, ATTACK!"


Out of nowhere, a squadron of guards rushes out of the Northern Paladin's fortress toward Lady Paladin.
Lady Paladin stands, brushing the dust off her skirt, and then outstretches
her arms to welcome the guards. "Ah, my welcoming committee!" she greets

"Silence!" barks the commander. "You are a foreigner, and this region is
under temporary martial law!"

Lady Paladin's jaw drops. "A foreigner?! Who do you think you are? I've
stayed in this very fortress for weeks at a time! I --"

"Shut up, wench. You and you -- search her for weapons!"

"Unhand me, you ill-mannered barbarians!" she snaps, just about losing it.
"Don't you dare touch me! I am very heavily armed, and I'm not about to
surrender any of my weapons! Throw me in the dungeon if you want, I just
need to see the Northern Paladin as soon as possible to straighten out this

The commander looks down at her with a smirk. "Dungeon it is, then."

Without further ado, Lady Paladin finds herself tossed into a cell beneath
the fortress. She groans and bangs her head against the wall. "Stupid,
stupid! Sometimes I'm too stubborn for my own good!" She sits down in the
filthy cell and sighs. "Well, at least I'm in the fortress now. Hopefully
the Northern Paladin will get me out of this cell as soon as possible...."
She kicks a rat aside, and simply waits.

After a few hours of nothing, she finds herself singing aloud in boredom...
"Oh my hero, so far away now
Will I ever see your smile?
Love goes away, like night into day
It's just a fading dream..."

She breaks off the song, and starts talking to herself. "I wish I had paid
more attention to those lock-picking lessons. I guess I felt I was too
high-and-mighty to learn thieving skills... but now that talent would come
in useful." She sighs yet again, and absently works tangles out of her hair.
"And this dungeon is a mess. And these rats will have to be dealt with. I
must speak with the Northern Paladin about this....if he ever notices that
I'm in his dungeon." Lady Paladin gazes up longingly through the bars of her
cell to the door out. "Come soon, please come....."

Almost in an answer to her wish, a whistling is heard down the
hall. After a moment, a tall, broad-shouldered man walks into view and
after glancing in Lady Paladin's cell, stops and faces her.
"Are you the cute, young lady that was brought in earlier?" asked
Lady Paladin stood up and faced the swordsman. She fixed her
outfit and smiled in return the tanned face man's smile.
"Yes I am," said Lady Paladin. "Please allow me to introduce
myself, I am Lady Paladin. I am a very good friend of North Paladin and I
do not know why I was thrown in this cell..... Well, actally I do, but
that is not important." Lady Paladin was using her hands to help explain
her point and absently turned away and stuck her hand close to the bars.
She stopped when she felt Bacca clasp it.
Turning to face the warrior, Lady Paladin was shocked to see Bacca
holding her hand and kneeling before her.
"My lady," began Bacca, "I am Bacca, High Lord of All that Kicks
Butt. I am your most humble servant."
Standing up, Bacca took a key and unlocked the cell door. He then
escorted the Lady out and up the stairs to NPaladin's location.

NPaladin looks up from his desk in main control as Bacca brings
LadyPaladin into the room...

NP: "I thought you'd never show up! But why did you start throwing
fireballs at my building, hmmmmm?"

LP: "Well, I was trying to get your attention!"

NP: "Ever think of trying the doorbell? HMMMMM?"

LadyPaladin looks embarassed..."Well, no....."

NP: "Sometimes simplicity is best, you know. But don't worry about it.
Sorry I couldn't release you sooner, but I only got to read the prisoner
manifest about 5 minutes ago. We've been very busy here...wich reminds
me, now that you are here, How would you like to go on a mission? I need
a healer to send out with Jaana and Bacca."

LP: "Well, I AM here to help in that capacity."

NP: "Great! Bacca, take LadyPaladin to briefing room A; I'll meet you
there in a bit. <Picks up a microphone> Jaana, please report to
BReifing Room A...Jaana to Briefing Room A."

About 10 minutes later, Jaana, Bacca, and LadyPaladin are all listening
intently to NPaladin's briefing...

NP: "Here's the situation: Satellite recon has showed what may be a
moogle force heading toward this area..." Points at the map on the wall.
"Your mission is to scout out their positions and report back. We need
to know their strengths, weaknesses, everything. Anything you can find
out will be valuable. But above all, REMAIN UNDETECTED! That's why
Jaana is going along with you...her Ninja skills will be invaluable for
this. Bacca, your job is to protect the party if you are discovered."
Bacca nods. "LadyPaladin, your healing spells will be essential for
getting out alive if discovered. You are NOT to fight a standing
fight...if you are discovered, escape as soon as possible to report

NPaladin heads to the equipment locker and withdraws items..."Jaana, you
will be equipped with this special dart launcher for this mission. I
assume you are familiar with it's use?" Jaana nods.

"Bacca, this is 9mm Sig Sauer semi-automatic pistol with silencer. You
should have no trouble. Also, you will be issued these infrared
binoculars." Demonstrating the use of these items to Bacca.

"LadyPaladin, this is a Mark 4 silenced phaser, with settings 1-9, 9
being the strongest...and this is the long range sat-scram radio you
will use to report your findings."

NP: "You have been issued long-range, silent weapons, because I want all
of you to stay long ranged, and stay undetected. I need ALL of you
alive, and I never, EVER wnt to lose a member of my organization. To do
so would be....tragic. Return swiftly, so that we may bring that evil
Moogle to justice!"


As the party walks out of the briefing room, Bacca looks at the
weapon he was given and grumbles.
"I'm a warrior, not a sniper." Bacca awkwardly slings the weapon
under his shoulder. "And why can't we fight the moogles?" That would be
even better.
"I know! How about I create a diversion and start attacking the
moogles from one side, while you two ladies watch them and do the
"I heard that!" yelled NPaladin from out the Briefing room.
"Oh. Sorry," Bacca yelled back. "Nevermind. Well, I'll try not to
start a fight, but if I get a chance, I may just take it." Bacca breaks
into one of his smiles again.
Jaana, meanwhile, stood by the wall and stared into space.
"Ready to go?" Bacca asked.
"What?" Jaana looked up, surprised. "Oh, yeah. Let's begin."
The three go down to the stables and pick out three chocobos.

Slay: Hey! WAIT FOR ME!

SlayFire chases after the 3 warriors.

Tojo watches as NPaladin, Lady Paladin, Bacca, and that other guy pay absolutely no attention to him.

Tojo: So you choose to ignore me, do you?? Well, you'll find that hard to do shortly! Fools!

NP: Patience is a virtue, General...besides, I was just getting to you. General Tojo, this is Sergeant Lewis, of Delta Force."

Tojo: "Yeah, hi, how are you and whatever.."

NP: "Mr. Lewis here will help you prepare your men for the next phase of our plan. He will (through you as a translator) instruct them in the requirements of High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) Parachute training, as well as jungle survival. Your men (or whatever) will comprise the first wave of our assault, who's primary purpose will be to demoralize the enemy forces with your speed and strength of attack."

NPaladin moves to the map "Your men will drop here, and proceed to encircle the enemy forces...then you will begin closing this circle, forcing them to fall back toward each other...when they are close enough together, a precision air strike will be called in to support you. You should have no trouble whatsoever securing this moogle camp."

"Tojo, begin your forces preparations...we depart as soon as we hear from the recon force."

Tojo: My men are prepared and ready, awaiting your command sir... I decided a weapons upgrade was in order. It appears the Big Sticks aren't working as well as I thought, so we are using enchanted Flame Swords... I've summoned some Fire Mages from my base to assist in the strike.

Remembering his sworn oath(Oh, you never got that.. I was having problems mailing to the list.. Oh well, I DID!?) against the horrid Moogle warriors after their attack on Dark Lordship, SlayFire sends out a force of Fire Nagas, Ice Ogres, and Smelly Asses(The rest of their bodies got screwed in combat, but we feed them PURELY ON BEANS!?! MWAHAHA!)

SlayFire: Ok guys, You are to protect NP's forces if they are detected, Remember, all 7,800 of you should be discreet and un-noticeable! Do you understand?

Men [mumbling]: YES..

SlayFire: Good, we will move as soon as you arm yourselves.. Dismissed

SlayFire [to narrator]: Thanks for not killing me OR my men this time!

An anvil drops on Slay's head.


SlayFire [to narrator, gasping]: sorry.

Another anvil drops.


SlayFire [to self]: I never learn...

SlayFire grabs his armor and weaponry, and marches out the gate with his force.

SlayFire: LETS MOVE!

The men move and soon arrive at NP's place where Jaana, Bacca and LP are..

SlayFire: Hello, I have come with a force to aid you. I will travel with you, my men will remain about 5 minutes behind.. If we are discovered, we will retreat to them, where they will distract the moogles and kill 'em

Jaana: OK

LP [apparently not liking SlayFire butting in]: What do you mean you are gonna help us, we're not capable!?

SlayFire: Ok, sorry.. You don't want my force? I'll leave

Bacca [holding LP back]: No, come, your force will help us greatly.. Especially since we are taking no forces with us.

SlayFire: Thank you.. General Dimwit will be commanding the force.. I have 3 flares in case we need IMMEDIATE assistance..

SlayFire awaits a response from NP.....

Bacca thinks for a moment.

"You know what, I don't think that we will need you or your army after all. In fact, you can be our diversion," said Bacca with his usual smile. "That way, you will not only be helping us, but the storyline which I already wrote will continue without being horribly altered. So....What is your name again?"

"SlayFire," said the knight. "Just call me Slay."

"Well, Slay," said Bacca, "it is an honor to have you aboard. In the future, though, just remember to read all the posts before you write a new add on to the story. Ok?"

SlayFire looks a little peeved with Bacca, but eventually nods his head. "Okay, I guess."

Bacca, smiling as always, said, "Excellent. Come, let's have a drink before we go off."

The two warriors managed to talk the women into going to the inn and enjoying a round of ale. Afterwards, the three original warriors set off.

SlayFire takes his army and goes Moogle hunting.


The voice cried out in the void.

"The Northern Paladin is in great peril. He must be warned of the pending doom if the moogles are destroyed. I must send an ambassador. Lorinan, come forth."

"Yes lord."

"Go and help the north paladin in his war, but spare at least on moogle. To aid you, I am sending the hyruu and this cat. The balance of the world rests on your quest. Go now and do my bidding."

"Yes lord."