Raziel vs. Neron
Raziel vs. Neron

The One and Only Shadow

"Damn you infidel!"
"You dare curse the great and powerful Neron? Have at you, scum!"
Raziel was disillusioned at what had just happened. A few minutes ago, he was at the top of Crystal Peak with the others...now he was in a dark arena-like room. This mage calling himself Neron had just teleported here through an unseen gateway. The mage's face was horribly disfigured beyond comprehension. Raziel couldn't tell of what race this being was. All he knew was that he didn't give a warm welcome. His intention was to fight, because he had cast a ball of fire at Raziel the minute he had arrived. Raziel had easily sidestepped the fireball, but, now the mage was charging towards Raziel with his staff pointed in a forward direction. Raziel easily deflected the staff in another direction without moving a muscle. He had used his eyes to direct the staff.
"If this is all you've got, then you've got your work cut out for you."
"Ahhh! Then...you shall witness your own death...fool!" Neron began to cast a spell. If Raziel could figure out what spell the mage was casting, he could probably deflect it with a counter spell. Almost immediately, Neron put his right hand into fist and raised it into the air. A wall of fire burst around Raziel's form. He was trapped.
"Now...let's see how you can get out of this! Rocks of Lithgar...fall!" Neron yelled. The ceiling began to shake with an uncontrollable anger-like motion. First fell the smallest pieces of rock...then the large ones started their descent on to Raziel. This
wasn't going to be easy.
"You've got me in a sticky situation. But, I think I'll use your mistakes to my advantage."
"What mistakes fool? You are insane. I haven't made any mistakes."
"Um...I believe you have." a voice came from behind Neron.
"What!?" Neron turned around to see Raziel's figure. "How'd you do that! You couldn't have cast a teleport spell that fast!"
"I know. But, while you were mouthing away at me...I cast Slow on the rocks...then used that time to cast the teleport spell. Anyways...goodbye." *SLICKT* In one clean slash of his blade, Raziel had cut Neron's throat.
"Uhhh...*gasp* you...you..."
Carefully cleaning the blade of his sword of the dark mage's blood with a rag, Raziel said, "Once again...another man benefits from another's mistakes...when will people learn?"
Then, with a sharp blow to the head from his boot, Raziel ended the life of the mage known as Neron.
"Oh well...now...I must get back to the conflict at hand. Azkzak tarlak midkarin betzin!" The teleport spell cast, Raziel left the scene of the battle that had ended just a few seconds ago.