Bacca vs. Two Sephs?
Bacca vs. Two Sephs?

Sky H Ainsworth

As the heroes reached the 49th floor of the Crystal Peak, they were all out of breath from their long hike up the stairs.
Bacca was still wondering about Lorinan and why he disappeared during the confrontation at the base. He hoped he was safe and at least coming to join them.
Looking about, Bacca notices several people standing at one end of a corridor.
"Ah, our welcoming committee," said Bacca, he grinned at his enemies. They returned an evil grin. "Who are you and what do you want?"
"I am Seph LaRoache and I have come to stop you all," spoke the lead figure.
"Very well," said Bacca. He was tired and annoyed from the long climb, as were his friends. "Let's make this quick."
Bacca was walking before the rest of the group. His stoic movements began intimidating the foes. But as Bacca's boots stopped making their resounding clunk on the floor, the warrior looked down to see the floor had disappeared beneath him.
Shooting out his arms in reflex, Bacca realized that the opening was too wide and he fell fifteen... land upright, in a crouch, in a large room. It was decorated in carvings, all depicting strange events. Bacca did not take the time to notice these, but instead concentrated on the doorway with stairs leading upwards.
Torches lit the room, a brighter light coming from the stairs. This light was obstructed as two men, both looking very similar, came down.
One was dressed in yellows, the other in greys. The yellow man, the Seph who had spoken on the floor above, smiled.
"Welcome to the place of your death," said the first Seph.
"What should I call you two?" asked Bacca. "Gold and Silver?" Bacca grinned.
The second Seph returned the grin and said, "What, and you want to be called the Professional I guess?"
Bacca shrugged. "Sure I guess," said the tall swordsmen.
Bacca stooped down and adjusted his boots and greaves.
"So let me guess, I am to fight one of you at a time and gain leave of this room?"
The Gold Seph closed a large wooden door and locked it. The key, on a long string, he hung around his neck.
"You could say something like that," said Gold. "I'll go first."
"Look guys," said Bacca. He stood up and adjusted his belt, not paying much attention to either fighter. "Why not just let me get out of here and rejoin my comrades and you two can come out later and say that I whooped you hard and you barely came to. Sound good?"
"Naw," said Silver. "I think we will just fight."
"Okay," said Bacca. "Who goes first?" Bacca now adjusted his gloves and bracers.
The two smiled evilly at Bacca. Bacca returned a confident grin.
"Oh, I want to be first," said Gold.
"I will go next if you beat him," said Silver.
"Ah, it is good to see that the two if you are honorable enough to follow such a plan," said Bacca. What a couple of buttholes, thought Bacca.
Drawing his short, black sword, Bacca readied. Gold drew a scimitar and advanced.
Tupac's "I Came to Bring the Pain" started playing in the background.
"By the way," asked Gold. "What is your style?"
"Flip mode style," said Bacca.
Bacca brought his short sword up as Gold charged before waiting for an answer. Both warriors exchanged a few blows and Bacca took special notice how Gold brought his back to Silver.
With a quick glance, Bacca saw Silver advance, his scimitar drawn. Bacca then began to draw his long, white sword. When it was almost out, Bacca gave another quick glance, seeing that Silver also had a dagger out and his position.
As Gold made a lunge, Bacca stepped back in a retreat. At the same time, he brought out his long sword and swung down on Silver. Silver was unprepared for this attack, especially since Bacca made a giant stride in his direction. He brought up his sword to block the blow, though he
realized to late he should have deflected it. Bacca's long sword came crashing down and struck Silver's shoulder.
With a shriek of pain, Silver dropped his dagger and his hand went to his shoulder. Silver retreated while Gold drew his own dagger and carried his attack against Bacca.
"Damn you," said the yellow highlighted warrior.
Bacca, now armed with two heavy and long weapons, put Gold on the defense though. Parrying Gold's thrust and follow-up dagger swing, Bacca brought his swords forward and began using the short sword to lunge and swing, while the long sword was used to jab and stab at openings.
After a moment, Bacca began retreating. Gold wondered at this, but soon realized that Bacca was making a chance to exchange swords between his hands. Gold pressed his advantage and Bacca dropped his short sword at a quick reposte.
Going down to retrieve his weapon, Bacca brought his long sword up and at an angle. This halted Gold, who stepped back from the point. Bacca then grabbed the fallen dagger and threw it. Gold did not see the action and caught the blade in the stomach. With a shriek of pain, the fighter clutched his stomach and staggered back, falling against the wall and passing out.
Bacca then managed to exchanged swords and meet the attack of Silver, who had taken the time to put a cloth over his shoulder wound.
Bacca stared at the warrior with evil intent.
Silver's eyes, which had been cold and stony, weakened. He realized that he had met his match in this warrior and that he would loose this fight. But he thought of a chance.
Unleashing a ferocious attack, Silver managed to catch Bacca unprepared and forced the master swordsman back. Silver wore out his arm, though and after forcing Bacca to a point near the wall, decided that he had one last attempt.
Charging, Silver had his right sword arm back and extended it forward. His dagger arm, he had pulled another from his belt, was extended and this he swung in a small arc, hoping to mask his sword's movement.
However, Bacca was armed with two swords. Using his short sword in his left hand, Bacca connected it to Silver's dagger and followed it through in the arc. Bacca's longsword sought Silver's scimitar and changed it's direction. Bacca then side-stepped and turned. The whole action resulted in Silver missing his opponent and being driven straight into the wall. The blade, and Silver's head, collided against the stone and shattered it.
Bacca looked about. Both his opponents were defeated. Going over to the wall, Bacca saw a small compartment hidden behind the stone. In the compartment was a leather bag. Taking the bag and opening it, Bacca's face was illuminated by a faint glow from it's contents. A grin began to cross Bacca's face as he closed the bag.
"This will come in handy later," muttered Bacca to himself. "Now, I wonder who needs help."
Bacca fished the key off of Silver's neck and opened the door and climbed it upstairs.