Various Armies Trashing Cities
Various Armies Trashing Cities

His Dark Lordship

With the undead now loose there are four armies seeking to trash mankind(all under my control ;D) and now they're all attacking cities.

The moogles march...

"We are the moogle borg,
Lords of ever hell..
We even kupoed..
That dog from taco bell!"


The citizens of the nearby doomed city ready their repeater crossbows and prepare for the attack. Mog simply laughs evilly at this pathetic tactic.

"Rubber Weapon, Deep Fried Cheese Weapon, Dildo Weapon, make us a new gate."

Rubber Weapon grunted, Deep Fried Cheese Weapon nodded, Dildo Weapon just sprayed artificial jizz all over the place.

"I like this." giggled Tifa.

The three weapons charged.

"Oh my god there's a giant wang with arms and legs coming at us!" screamed a guard.

"Where!?!" asked a female guard somewhat anxiously.

The three weapons crashed through the city walls and began their pillage. People screamed as the weapons picked up handfuls of people at a time and proceeded to nearby trenches to exact their kupo'ing. The other moogles cheered as they charged through the gaping holes...

Meanwhile, close by...

"CHAAAARGE!!!!!" screamed Drugga.

"Please forgive me..." moaned Lady Daligua, chained to Drugga's throne.

The orks poured at the city walls, using leg ups and rope hooks to attempt to crawl over the walls. Greek Fire poured over the edges, and some orks sacrificed their lives to be used as stepping stones.

Drugga spotted the man operating the Greek fire catapults. He had chosen a high position in the foothills for his war machines, for he predicted such to happen.


Within 2 seconds the first catapult was covered in ork crap. A volley of shots from the whole wing of turd kannonz jammed the whole brigade. The city of Antioch(no relation to the real one) was defended only by it's men at arms.

Drugga mounted his great boar and charged down to the battlefront. He joined his group of Orky "Scabb Bringaz" as they loaded themselves into the catapults and were fired into the city.

"Weez in, WAAAGH!"

And so the powerful ork berserkers pretty much trashed the city of Antioch.

Further down the river the mystics did the same, and even further down the newly formed Undead challenged the capital of the country and began to peck away at it's walls. They made it in quickly.

And Azala just stood there.. sighing.

"I'd better go get Nizbel and Spacecat. Where does the dreamstone tracker locate them at."

"There in some forest to the south."

"K, we'll head there."


The watcher ducked a coming blow to his head. With savage ferocity he dug his talons into the Gemma Knight's side, and pushed him back. The knight groaned as he clutched the gaping wound.

"And I thought you were human..."

"I am as I wish... would you care to surrender?"

"Never, bastard!" the Gemma Knight leaped at the watcher. His sword cut a notch in the watcher's shoulder, though the damage was greatly lessened by his armour. The watcher dropped his sword, too large for such close combat, and proceeded to flip the Gemma Knight over with his leg. The Knight soared over the edge of the cliff.

"Damn.." muttered the watcher as he brushed himself off. "I was hoping to have his head." he picked up and sheathed his sword "Alas, I would stay and listen to the echoes of your cries, fool, but I haveth a meeting."

He let out a primordial cry and a great, winged beast soared from the clouds, which he mounted. He flew over crystal peak and looked at the armies clashing.