Tritoch Wanders
Tritoch Wanders

[the following probably didn't actually happen]

Tritoch turned on his heel and walked outside of the tent. The darkness of night had turned into the brightness of day, and there seemed to be an unusually optimistic atmosphere in the air. Since Tritoch was still feeling the effects of last night's welcoming party, he decided to spend some time talking to the soldiers in an attempt to improve morale before he departed.

Although he managed to appear like he cared about the well-being of the soldiers, deep down inside he couldn't at this point. It's not that he didn't care, just that his mind was a bit preoccupied. His only thoughts were about Jaana and Sephiroth. What a tragedy had befallen them. He essentially felt powerless to help Sephiroth's condition out much, since he was primarily a follower of the dark magics. This is the real reason why he decided to go himself to find Lady Paladin. Although Jaana could care for Sephiroth in conventional ways, it wouldn't have really mattered who stayed with him, since no one in the camp could really help him at this point. Tritoch felt that this was the only way that he could help out his friend Jaana (he didn't really know Sephiroth), and deep down inside this quest made his shame about his lack of understanding of healing a bit more bearable.

After talking to the soldiers a bit, Tritoch finally departed on his search for the Lady Paladin. During his journey he encountered many a foe, but luckily none of them required a spell greater than Bolt 2, so he was able to preserve his energy for the long and difficult task of actually finding the Lady Paladin.

"Left foot, right foot" he continued to tell himself. He had traveled for 5 days now nonstop, and Tritoch was slowly being overtaken by a great deal of fatigue.

"The soldiers said that she would be this way, but where is she?" he thought to himself.

Doubt began to set into Tritoch's mind. What if the soldiers felt betrayed by my absence at the beginning of the Moogle War? What if the feast last night was little more than a cover-up for their true feelings of hatred against me? Could they've sent me in the wrong direction simply to get back at me? Would they be so petty that they would risk Sephiroth's life just to punish me?

Tritoch continued to trudge along, when finally he noticed a small speck on the horizon. He summoned up what little power he had left and begin to run to it. Finally, he arrived at the entrance to a small shrine. Wait.....this is Celius' keep....why would she be here? Slowly, Tritoch peeked his head inside of the entrance just in time to see the floor collapse?!?!?! Tritoch quickly rushed inside, and peered down into the darkness below..

"Yes!" he thought to himself, "I've found her.....I think! But wait....she's battling Celius himself? Can a healer really battle such a great foe?" Although Tritoch knew that he could easily take the squid-like beast out with a few "Fire 3"s, he didn't believe that healers wielded such great power. Tritoch continued to watch and listen, and then he heard her faintly say....

"Since you are the devil, you shall die as befits your kind."

He watched what happened next with amazement, as a bright white light surrounded and engulfed the evil mage. Tritoch was truly amazed. He watched the Lady float back up through the floor with her back to him. The Lady turned and was taken back a bit when she saw him, and then eyed him curiously.

"Are you the Great Lady Paladin?"
"Aye, I am. What dost thou want with me?"
"My name is Tritoch, Tri-Elemental Esper. I have came a great distance to search ye out. I am in desperate need of your services."
"I've heard of you before Tritoch, but only in legend. Where have you been?"
"Ah, that's a long story my lady, and one which I do not have time to relate to you right now. The important thing is my request. See, Sephiroth has been badly hurt and our limited knowledge of the white magics isn't near enough to save him. We need a great healer like yourself to save him from certain doom...."
"I shall come and aid him in any way I can," replied Lady Paladin.

And thus, they began their journey back to Bacca's tent.....