Lorinan's Big Battle
Lorinan's Big Battle


Lorinan will battle a warlock..I don't remember his name, so I'll call him Morry...

As the party emerges from the caverns, Lorinan looks towards the peak. The view is astounding.

L: "This is going to require a major mix. I'll have to think this through."

He begins pondering various calculations. Finally, he decides on a proper mix.

"Stand back all. This is going to be a test run. One part telephone, two parts electric eel, 3 flying fish, and one core radium. Hope this works."

Once the mix is completed, a flying, talking eel appears.

Eel: "Hi, I'm Morry. I'll be your driver to the peak. If your party would like to hop on my back, I'll proceed to fly you all to the top."

L: "This isn't exactly what I had in mind. What's your name again?"

M: "Morry. Can you please hurry up. The meter's running." Morry flips a blue-green scale in his chest up to reveal a parking meter running on an exercise wheel.

L: "I guess I'll have to take a risk with you. My dragon isn't exactly here yet. Let's go." Hops on Morry's back.

M: "You won't regret this. (hehe)."

The two take off toward the peak. Suddenly a portal appears in the sky, and the two are pulled in. They appear in a cavern somewhere.

L: "What just happened?"

M: "I've brought you here. You can't be involved with this battle. The moogles must win. I can't let you fight. So I decided to off you here where no one knows where you are."

L: "You need a little reeducating then. Your powers can't compare to mine.." Proceeds to mix a barrier. All damage is nullified to the recipient.

L: "I'm going to give you a chance to save your skin and leave and let me get back to my group." He draws his sword. "Here's hoping Bacca's taught me well."

Lorinan's mind strays to think back at what's brought him here.


He was an outcast with no home or family. All he cared about back then was looking out for himself. It was then that the lady found him. He never knew his name, He just knew she had a power and peace he could only dream of.

When she found him, she asked him to be the protector of the future. To become a White Knight in the service of the Word. It sounded great to him. Power, fun, and a beautiful lady to protect. What more could he ask for. He agreed.

If only he had known then what a curse this had been. He couldn't die, for if he did, the world would be taken over by moogles. He only had a travelling dragon he'd saved at one time. That was the only friend He had been able to count on.

The power invested in him by the lady was a one use a day strength and in his sleep, he had to face the consequences of using it during the day. His sleep was haunted by the future, in which he also had a role. If his power was used in the day, he had no weapon at night. Until he learned of alchemy.

No one knew of his past, only he knew of their future.


L: "I have many mixes at my disposal." That's mostly true, he thought to himself. I can mix anything, but what the effects are, no one can tell.

M: "Let's see what you can do." Morry hurls a lightning bolt at Lorinan. Lorinan sweeps it to the side.

Lorinan mixes a reflect on his blade. All magic caught is reflected at the caster.

Morry slings 3 ice blades at Lorinan. The blades bounce harmlessly off the barrier. The barrier is weakened with every attack.

Lorinan attempts a gold potion. "I hope this works. I should turn him into gold."

Lorinan mixes one part lead with two parts life potion and 3 parts lightning water. He then throws it at Morry. All of Morry's money comes to life and attacks him with lightning.

M: "What the...! You little sneak. I'll show you."