Three hours after the awakening, the camp had been packed. People were ready to finally leave the cave.

"Are we almost there, Ku-Sam?" Bacca asked, annoyed.

"Well, it has taken longer than expected, but the half way point is not far now."


"Well, we ran into some trouble, with the Undead and all. We are behind schedule, so I have a plan. Magic may be nullified in the cave, but as a long we defeat the Orb guard in the middle, and smash the nullifying orb, we can teleport the team out."

"Why didn't we just plan this in the first place?"

"Because the Orb may be hard to find. But with Lorinan's alchemy, we should be able to pin-point it's exact location."

"Excellent! Let's roll!"

So they marched on the wizards in the middle, except for Ku-Sam who directed Bacca and Lorinan up front.


"So you found it?" Ku-Sam asked, peering at a map lighted by Bacca's lantern.

"Yes," replied Lorinan. "It's right there." He point at a spot on the map of the cave, an un-charted map.

"Over the great gorge."

"Well how are we supposed to jump that without magic?" asked Bacca.

"I have an idea. Every once in a while, the guard has to turn off the orb so he can re-power the undead in the cave so they don't crumble. When he turns it off for a mere minute, magic is usable. We use are magic to quickly send me, you, and Lorinan across the gap. Me for my magic blast to get us there, Lorinan to help us find the orb, and you can kill the guard. He or she is a wizard, so with the orb on, you should have no trouble. And if he turns it off, I'll roast him."

"Good plan, fuzz ball!" says Bacca.

Ku-Sam glares at him. "Let's get moving then."

A slight time later, at the gorge. The plan goes by as planned, and the three confront the guard (I would have done more, but people want out!).

Bacca: "So, you have been operating the orb... DIE SCUM!" Bacca runs at him. His blade goes through the slow wizard, and as the wizard falls he turns the orb on.

"Cure4!" He begins to chant.

"Ah ah ah..." said Ku-Sam. He sends a lightning bolt from his finger. The Wizard turns to dust.

Bacca smashes the orb and it's done with. They go back to the camp, and the Undead crumble before the wizard can recharge them.

They exit...

"Agh!! My eyes!" yelps Nico.

"Too... much... sun!!" said Lorinan.

"Wait a sec... this place should be shrouded in clouds... unless..." Ku-Sam starts.

"The barrier is down," says a familiar voice from behind Ku-Sam.

"JERAD!!!!!!!!" yells Ku-Sam. "AND LORAK! YOUR ALIVE!!!!!"

"Of course!" says Lorak.

Then there is a scream. The team looks up to the massive peak, 50 stories high, surging with power. A horde of Black Moogles and armored human like forms come running at them from the peak.

"Get 'em army!!" yells Bacca.

And the armies clash.

Magic swords and body parts fly about, the long battle has begun.

"We have to break through and get inside the peak!" yelled Ku-Sam.

"I hope you know what your doing," says Siran. "So let's do it!!"

"Right! Break through!" the heroes start to rush through the crowd, barely avoiding death by many ways, and reach the door to the peak.

"Roll call! Everyone still here?" asks Bacca.

"I'm here." says Lady Paladin.

"Made it!" shouts Jaana, running up.

"Check." says Druidess Kaitlin.

"My team got here." says Raziel, Nico and Boof at his side.

"Right here!" Siran adds.

"Good," says Bacca, Ku-Sa beside him. Jerad and Lorak run up. "Now Ku-Sam, who are your friends?"

"Remember the other Materia Warriors I told you about?"


"These are two of them."


"Now! Up the tower!"

So they went up...

On the 49th floor, everyone was tired, panting, and then a voice.

"This is where you stop." says a familiar voice.

"You've returned!" says Bacca. But he looks up.

There stands Seph LaRoche, the starter of the war, but his eyes glow red, and his allies look rather mean.

"The Imperial Guard..." moans Jerad. "I knew they'd be here. There's only one thing to do!"

"What's that?" asks Bacca. "FIGHT!" He turns to Jerad for a moment. "Get to the top! You Materia Warriors must make it to the top of the peak, and stop the Dark Moogle!"

"Nothing can stop the masters, now!" interrupts Seph. "They will rule the world, and the time of the heroes ends here. I see some heroes chose not to join the mission. NO MATTER! We will hunt them down and kill them too!"

"We'll distract them!" says Siran.

"Get to the peak!" yells Lorinan.

And they duel.

His Dark Lordship


* * * * * * * * *

"Yup, there's a huge gathering of armies inside the ravine there..." says Aeris.

"Can you see the Northern Paladin?"


Mog strolled across the deck of the Highwind.

"Okay, we got the missiles, right?"

"Sure thing."

Mog stood at the edge of the ship.

"Okay, fire the first hydrogen bomb."

"Are you sure you want to do this, Mog?" asked Tifa.

"Hell yeah."

Cid shrugs, and pulls a few levers. A missile flies out of the Highwind's bay. It strikes a portion of the army and a huge mushroom cloud rises up.

"Looks like we got part of the dark moogle's army. I'll try for Bacca's army."

"No." said Mog. "Aim for the tower. Three missiles should send it toppling, correct?"



On the bridge of a massive ship...

Voice: "We can't let Mog do that, can we... FIRE ULTIMA RAY!!!!"

And a beam of light hits the Highwind.

Mog: "AGH!!! STATUS!!!"

Cid: "We ain't goin' down, but we're not gonna be moving very fast. And all but 2 of our missile bays are dead."


Cid: "No can do... the barrier is up again..."

"What barrier?"

"The barrier that prevents anything, ANYTHING, even teleportation, from entering from above. We'd have to manually guide the missiles through the connecting cave, and even then, it'd take days."


His Dark Lordship

"Ah well, Fuck it then. Run the regenerator."

The holes in the Highwind close up.

"Good 'ole borg technology. Alright, ante up. We're gonna attack some cities."

The crew cheers wildly as the Highwind flies off.

* * * * * *

Meanwhile... in the catacombs...

"We almost at the back exit?"

"yyyyyessss..." moaned the zombie.

Suddenly Chaos appears.

"NO! They disintegrated! You don't exist!!"

"Uh huh. We got allies in high places."


"Go get your damn materia." grinned the Lichemaster.

As the undead legion reaches the ends of the caves, those of his troops bearing eyes squint in the midst of the annoying sunlight.

"Too bright for my liking." mumbled the Lichemaster. A bob of his head, and suddenly the clouds passed and the moon shone as the sun blacked out.. "That shalt make things much easier for us, shall it not?"

Not too far away, a tall man with a whip stares at the sudden change to eternal night. Those immortal words flare through the sky...

"What a horrible night to have a curse..."

"Oh shit..." muttered Simon Belmont as he caught sight of the huge undead horde heading his direction.

* * * * * * *

"I always preferred the moonlight anyway...." grinned a figure atop a cliff, staring at the coming apocalypse.

"You!" yelled a voice from behind him.

The figure turned about.

"Oh, the Gemma Knight has returned..." he pulled out a pair of longswords. "Care for a rematch, worm?"


[Yet, despite DL's rambling...]
Ku-Sam, Jerad, and Lorak make it to the top, and swing open the final latch. Light floods through, and Dark Moogle's laugh can be heard. The three Materia Warriors step through and close the latch...