Part 8: The Plot Thickens Part 8: The Plot Thickens

The bright morning sun shone down on the well worn path leading into the
woods. The Ninja glanced over her shoulder, then, down the path and into
the woods. She thought that she could make out two figures in the shadows,
but was unsure whether they were real, or just figments of her imagination.
Since that night, the visions had been getting worse, and as she approached
her destination, more vivid. She took one last look at the open sky before
she entered the dense woods.

Placing her hand on Masamune, she approached what she now knew were two
human figures. She squinted to make out their forms in the dim light. One
stepped forward.

Man: Hello there!

Jaana took a cautious step toward him as she grasped the hilt of Masamune.

Man: Aw, come on, now Jaana, surely you don't want to use that thing on me!

Jaana: What?

The figure came out of the shadow and a beam of light fell on his face.

Jaana: Well, if it isn't the Northern Paladin.....

NPaladin: At your service.

Jaana motioned to the remaining figure

Jaana: Who's your friend?

NPaladin: My friend?

Jaana pointed again

Jaana: Who's that?

NPaladin: Certainly not my friend. An unwilling ally perhaps, but not a

Tojo moved into the light and nodded at Jaana.

Jaana: So, you're Tojo. I've heard a lot about you....

Tojo: Have you, now.

Jaana: I'm surprised you're still alive. You know he's vowed to kill you on

Tojo: Well, we have more pressing matters to contend with now.

NPaladin: Yes, the moogles.

Jaana froze as the vision of Mog ravishing his new Queen showed itself to
her again. She paused.

Jaana: You're after Mog....

NPaladin looked at her strangely.

NPaladin: Yes.

Jaana: You've joined forces to defeat Mog.

Tojo: Yes.

NPaladin: We're going to storm the Moogle fortress.

Jaana: He's not there.

NPaladin: What?

Jaana: He's not there. He's gone.

Tojo: Where?

Jaana saw a vision of the lifestream...and Sephiroth. She pointed to the

Jaana: There. He's gone there, and taken his minions with him.

Tojo: How do you know that?

NPaladin: Don't ask.

Jaana: So, are we going?

Tojo: Going?

Jaana: Going to find Mog.

NPaladin: Yes.

Jaana: Well, then let's go

Just then, a figure steps out of forest to the side of the
encounter. A slight smile is on his lips.
"Would you mind if an extra sword joined you?" asked Bacca.
North Paladin looks at the warrior, thinks a moment, and says,
"Sure. You swords look pretty kick ass. I'm glad you don't mind lending
them to us."
Bacca rolls his eyes and then looks back at NPaladin. "No! I mean,
do you want me to join your little quest?"
"Oh!" said NPaladin. He smiled slightly. "Sorry. Ah, yeah, sure,
join us. We can use all the help we can get for this villianous creature."
Bacca nods at NPaladin and says, "Then my sword is yours .... er,
I shall journey with you." He then nods at Tojo Mojo. "Sorry about
knocking that moogle head at you."
Bacca then lays eyes on Jaana, which widen in amazement.
"My lady," says Bacca, with a sincere look in his eyes. "May I say
that I have never seen such a beautiful as yourself in all the world. I
swoon merely at your grace. Tell me please, what is your name?"
"Jaana," said the ninja. Her eyes unfocus and go back.
Bacca notices this, but does not say anything.
"Well then, shall we be off?" says Bacca with a broad smile
showing off his gleaming white teeth. He then whistles and a large cat
comes out of the forest.
The cat is a dark brown, with a light brown mane of hair all the
way down it's back and tail. The cat leaps at Bacca and wraps itself
around his torso, forming a wide, furry strap across his chest.
"Who or what is that?" asks Tojo Mojo, stunned at the magical
creature which is now a garment on Bacca's body.
"Oh, this is Smura," Bacca said. He scratched at a place below
what looked like a face of a cat and a purring emmitted from the pelt. "I
thought about naming him Eradicator or Demolisher, but naw.... that is a
name more for a ninja's pet.
"But are we ready?"
"Yes," said NPaladin.
And with that, the four adventurers set off through the forest and
into destiny. The music fills in, the credits roll by, and things look
pretty good.


Mog looks back at the past events.

His empire has grown drastically. His house has grown, and with some effort
he's managed to entice and bring the war to a larger scale...

And now he was hanging around some caverns that really shouldn't have been
there, before some long haired nut.

Sephiroth: What brings you here, Daemonic Moogle?

Mog: An alliance. You come with us and give us the power of Jenova, and in
return, we give you sanctuary, an army of malice and power, and a billion
deaths for your taking.

Mog's mind: (And then we assimulate him and screw him silly. Heh heh...)

Mog's consience: (Shh!)

Sephiroth: Hmmm... well, these caverns grow rather drab after awhile.. Very
well, I accept your terms. You're legions will take well to the various powers
I can give them..

Sephiroth's mind: (and then I'll kill the whole lot of ya when my enemies are

Sephiroth's consience: (Shh!)

* * * * * * * * * *

Jaana's little band rushes through the caverns, stumbling, NPaladin, Tojo and
Skyblade's guy(can't remember his name) fall back as Jaana takes off ahead of
them, falling in Behemoth dung and other unamables but continuing to fight
on.. to Sephiroth's lair...

But there's no one there.

She drops to her knees with a scream, but a vision is granted.. he hasn't been
converted yet.

With hope, they take off to gather clues.

* * * * * * * * * *

With Sephiroth's aide, many of the stronger Moogles have transformed into
weapons of mass destruction with Sephiroth's Jenova DNA. Heavy work is put
into their fighting skills and intellegence. Mog himself injects himself with
the most powerful of the samples. The magitek artillery is coupled now with
Biological Weaponry and some real kickass moogleboars. Mog himself grows long
nails and his wings grow to gargoylish portions, and his Moogle/Cetra child,
now named Mog Jr., is transfixed with enough materia to match a lesser god.
Kokkol, the smith, betrays his apprentices and dwarven friends and goes to the
moogles, and forges them weapons of adamant that naught the likes have seen.

And all this time, a pair of reptilian eyes open from the shadows on occasion.

* * * * * * * * * *

Aeris looked from the window of her quarters, outside of the moogle owned
Jidoor, her eyepiece glowing and he metal shoulderpad weighing down as it
always did.

Her son, she was so proud of. With the moogle's quick maturing rate, within a
year he would be the moogle's champion.

The other queens, with their human genes, would never breed as bold a son as
she had. Her cetra blood gave her the mind of a dozen men.. perhaps not as
grand as an esper would, but it was enough..

However, in her boldness, she failed to notice the reptilian eyes open up in
the shadows behind her. She realized her folly when the taloned hands clasped
her shoulders. In her haste she turned around to find a lizarian snout in her
face, with a black cloak drawn back on it's shoulders, a dragon mail suit
covered by an adamant breastplate. Claw revealing gauntlets hanging off the
belt, hund close to a breetchcloth, with elven leggins extending from them. A
ruby pendant upon his chest. The lord of darkness stood before her.

"Mog was unwise to leave you to watch this place as his army is forged
elsewhere. You are coming home, my lady."

She shrieked, and the dark lord covered her face with a bag and rope, then
sleeked back into the passageways of the former owner of the mansion.

Having heard the first shriek, Count Kushu came to investigate. Upon seeing
her gone, an alarm was sounded.

The Dark Lord and his captive met their fellows in a dank hallway.

T'kra: Got her?

DLE: The guards were the easy part. Getting out is the hard part.

They ran quickly to the moat aside town, the sewage. The roars of moogleboars
rang in the distance.

Ra'nar: You guys get out. I'll keep them at bay.

T'kra: Pardon?

Ra'nar: I'll keep them occupied as you escape.

DLE: That's foolhardy.

Ra'nar: For me yes. For ye, no. Leave. Perhaps we shall hunt again in the
jungles of Ashrath.

T'kra: .... N'moth Tai Tera.<bows his head>

DLE: <does the same>

DLE and T'kra row off to the river unseen. Ra'nar draws his twin Radgsr and
awaits his destiny.

The moogleboars roar into the room. With screetches of anger they point to

Ra'nar: Come, you foul halfbreeds. Feel the sting of the old world's iron!

They charge each other. Ra'nar disembowles a few moogleboars but is forced to
fall back.

Ra'nar:<licks a heavy cut on his chest> Perhaps in death I learn to value
life..<snarls at the moogleboars coming around the corner at him>

Ra'nar battles a great force, and the slow Moogleboars fall under his natural
weapons. But in the end he is detained...

He rots in a dungeon, without food or light for a week, when Sephiroth
requests to see him. He is brought to him.

Sephiroth: So, what happened to the others?

Ra'nar stands silent.

Sephiroth: The others! Where are they?<slashes Ra'nar's torso with his

Ra'nar hissed, but said naught else.

Sephiroth, in anger, swung the sword at Ra'nar's neck. Ra'nar's quickness
allowed him to catch the blade in his row of long, sharp teeth. He clamps
down, hard.

And a tingling is heard as the now seperated hilt and blade of the masamune
hit the floor.

Sephiroth: You bastard!<slashes across Ra'nar's face with a dagger>

In a swift jump, Ra'nar is freed from the moogleboar's grasp. He snatches the
two parts of the masamune with his long arms and rushes to the window,
overlooking the rushing sewerway and the river it leads to.

Mog<having arrived from the base>: Is this the being who aided in the
kidnapping of my queen.

Sephiroth nods.

Mog: Listen, I assume you know of the location of the alliance's base.

Ra'nar nods.

Mog: Well, I promise you a long life, with no scuffles and all the freedom in
the world, if you tell me.

Ra'nar looks at the rushing river, then at mog, then at the river again. Then
breathes his decision.

"Fuck you."

With that, he jumps out of the window, and lands within the river. His head
hits a rock and he is killed instantly, his body and the sword of olde wisked
away into the far out sea...