Story of a Spacecat
Story of a Spacecat


The next morning, Spacecat woke up with a bad taste in his mouth and a splitting headache. He stood up slowly, with his fingers to his temples. He squinted to see through the glaring desert light. What happened last night? Spacecat remembered getting drunk and having visions of Schala. He was glad that part wasn't real. He would be overcome with shame if he had conducted himself like that around a lady in real life. But it felt too real to be a drunken hallucination. Oh well...
Then Spacecat realized that he was not alone. Nizbel, the upright walking, ultra-muscular, cousin of the Triceratops was there too. "Took you long enough to come to," said Nizbel.
"Wha? What are you doing here?" asked Spacecat.
"Oh, Azala kicked me out for the same reason he kicked you out."
"Really? Do you think he'll ever let you back in?"
"Oh yeah, this happens all the time."
"Well, what do you do when it happens?"
"I just wander around for a while, and eventually the Tyrano castle pops up again."
"Okay," said Spacecat, "So where should we go now?"
"Well, I don't know about you, but this desert heat is killin' me! Let's go somewhere cool. If I recall, there is a forest to the South-west."
"Okay, let's go!"
The two started southwest. After walking for a few minutes, Nizbel started up a conversation. "So, what's the deal with you, anyway? As I heard, you worked on the same side as Mog at the beginning of this war, but now you're letting Bacca command your army. Why?"
"Well," replied Spacecat, "That's a long story." He wiped his brow and sighed. "That's a story that goes all the way back to the chaotic mess known as Moogle War I." Spacecat shook his head.
"Well, let's hear it," said Nizbel.
"Okay, I'll tell you. During the first Moogle War, I didn't participate. I only watched, and the more I watched, the more disgusted I became with all the combatants. None of them were fighting for justice or peace. Sure, some of them said their motives were pure, but when it came down to it, they all just had something to prove. Needless to say I didn't give a flying Pimp Burger who won. But then I was psychically contacted by an Esper named Poochie who was trapped in space. He said I was a 'chosen one', and that I could help restore peace to the world. Being the pessimist I was, I didn't believe him. I decided that he must be just another war-crazed moron trying to make up for small genitalia. Since I didn't free him from the space ship he was trapped in, he contacted the warring factions, claiming that he would grant immortal power to anyone who freed him. As he later told me, he was lying. If someone would have freed him, he would have turned against them and tried his best to end the war.
"After the war came to its messy end, Poochie contacted me again. Now that the war was over, I decided to do my best to free him. I managed to get to his spaceship and got his magicite, which I took back to earth. I was able to summon Poochie with his magicite. We had some interesting adventures together, and I learned alot from him. He still told me that I was a chosen one, and that my destiny was to help bring about peace, but I didn't believe him. The more he told me this, the more insecure I felt. As time went on, I summoned him less and less. That is when I started going through a dark period in my life.
"Then, the underwear crisis began. I had my own selfish interests, and I figured that joining up with Seph LaRoche would be a good step toward self preservation. Even though he was an ally of Mog, I didn't see him as being on the 'bad side.' Moogle War I soured my attitudes toward wars. I decided that there was no such thing as a good side, or a bad side, and that there was no such thing as fighting for justice. But after I became less active in the war, I observed it and realized that there was an evil that must be fought against. Now when I look back, when I had Lance deliver those dildos to the Dark Lord's keep, It was because I wanted Bacca to ask Lance to let him command my army."
"Wait a minute," interrupted Nizbel, "dildos?!?"
"Um, never mind. It doesn't matter. The point is, I'm trying my best to help restore order to the world. That's why I contacted Ozzie and Azala. I'm still skeptical of the things that Poochie told me, but regardless, I feel a responsibility to this world. I can't stand back and let the world be thrown into chaos, or even worse, nothingness. Maybe I can do something about it, or maybe not, but I MUST try!"
"Wow, powerful story. Hey, it looks like we're almost to that forest," said Nizbel.
"Cool. It'll be nice to get some shade."
As they entered the forest, Nizbel stopped in his tracks. "Did you see that??"
"See what?" said Spacecat
"I thought I saw something green move," replied Nizbel.
"Oh, it's probably just the leaves."
"I don't think so," said Nizbel, "I've heard legends of a forest inhabited by Green Moogles. I think this may be it."
"Green Moogles?" said Spacecat, "Are they evil, or friendly?"
"Friendly, so the legends say. Let's keep an eye out for more."