Lady Paladin

From the depths of the tunnel, Lady Paladin managed to send a telepathic message back to her cottage. "Golden Melody, Emperor Adventure, it has come to my attention that a certain person by the name of Reis has been spamming my email. At first, I was quite understanding because I knew that this must be a mistake or accident. Now, I am not so forgiving of this ignorance. You know what to do, my friends."

The palomino stallion nodded. The fat tabby cat, Emperor Adventure, finished washing himself and yawned lazily.

"Well," drolly commented the cat, "I AM hungry."

Goldie gave an equine grin. "Since I have been the one to travel so oft of late, I shall maintain watch over the cottage for our Lady. You go take care of this menace."

Wentch leaped down from his vantage place upon the bookshelf. He was a distinguished-looking older cat with a soft white chest and black tabby markings. His caterpillar-like tail lashed about in anticipation. The cat shot a one-toothed grin over at the horse. "I will gladly do this. I will be taking my bowl." With that, the cat, his belly swaying like that of a mother cat, headed out the door.

A few minutes later, Golden Melody looked out the window to see the cat ascending in the sky, riding in his Flying Bowl. The large ceramic bowl was quite special, for it was filled with enchanted cheese and veggies to enable it to fly.

Within a few minutes, the Emperor of All Cats had narrowed down on Reis' location. With feline grace, he leaped forth from his bowl and trotted up to the unsuspecting being. He then stretched his mouth and ate the annoying person whole.

The cat stretched out in contentment and yawned. "Hmm, tastes like chicken," he said with a grin.

(Sorry all...I had to vent my frustrations out somehow. And Wentch is actually my cat. :D)