The Mystic's Laughter
The Mystic's Laughter


She had seen the Lady Paladin's dance.
It had troubled her in a certain way, so much that she had taken some time to mull over it.
For it evoked a feeling that she had not felt in a long time.
There was no one for her to love anymore, not since Janus had disappeared into a Gate...
*Was that why I traveled? To search for him?*
She frowned.
But love was not limited to between one man and one woman. It was not limited to romantic feelings. She had loved Janus because he was her brother and she was concerned for his welfare, especially with their mother in such a state. Perhaps there was no one for her to give her heart to, but she was not searching for that kind of least, not yet. So where did her feelings stand?
She loved Kaitlin and Jaana like sisters. She loved the Dark Lord for breaking her isolation, even though she thought it was what she wanted.
So her heart was still capable of feeling the emotion that she thought had left her forever...
Returning to earlier thoughts of Bacca and the Lady Paladin, she had to smile. Such an honest love always warmed the heart, even though one may not be capable of it. It is always so very distinguishable. It was so obvious how they felt for each other. She had thought the jealousy that motivated LP's dance was a classic womanly feeling.
It was true, women were so volatile...she herself was almost a bipolar personality, given to hysterical fits of happiness that suddenly plunge into the depths of depression. She shook her head and smiled. How Bacca -- or any man, for that matter -- would laugh if he knew what had gone on in the LP's head just before she began her dance!
Her smile widened.
She chuckled.
Her mouth twitched and her shoulders began trembling.
Some kind of feeling welled up inside her and as she replayed the LP's dance in her mind, she suddenly laughed. It rang out of the window and seemed to reverberate, even though the blackness was empty.
Her laughter continued. It was a merry, sincere sound, the kind of laughter a child makes in its innocence.
Her hair began to shine.
Her pendant started to glow bright red.
"Lady Paladin," she called out, "we may not know each other, but you have given me something that I did not realize was missing...
"You have made me recognize love again.
"You have returned my laughter to me..."
And in that moment, she knew she would love the Lady Paladin as well...
She laughed and laughed.
A pale white orb, which hung low in the sky, became fainter and fainter.
And a circle of yellow light began to rise.