Earth... part 2
Earth... part 2



A slight ringing came in around the ship.

1st. Mate: "What is that? Engineering, status."

Engineering Officer: "I... I don't know sir..."

Helm: "SIR! A warp trail! It's coming in pretty close to us!"

Jerad: "Move the Phoenix! Now!"

1st. Mate: "Evasive maneuvers!"

The ship whirled around, and people gripped on to their chairs, as a ship appeared out of Warp where the Phoenix had been only moments ago...

Massive, the size of 5 New Yorks across, and thousands of feet up and down, the structure towered over the Phoenix."

1st. Mate: "What the hell is that?!?"

Helm: "I don't know... it seems they haven't noticed us yet."

Helm 2: "Sir, Crystal Peak!"

As he says that NPaladin walks in...

NP: "What's going on?"

Jerad: "The Dark Moogle has arrived... and he has a friend... we must get to Crystal Peak now!!"

The Northern Paladin

NP: "We do anything, and they'll see us...Red alert! Tactical, stand by to execute attack pattern Delta on predefined targets..."

Jerad: "What about the Peak?"

NP: "We stop him here...."

Science: "Sir, their launch doors are opening..."

NP: "Good...arm quantum torpedoes...stand by on the mana resonance field. I want the whole ship bathed in it as long as possible..."

Tactical: "Weapons ready, sir....."

NP: "Decloak.....FIRE! Shields up!"

Science: "One shuttle launching....Sir! It's got the Materia aboard!"

NP: "Damn! Fire phasers!"

Tactical: "Torpedoes impacting...their bay is fried sir...nothing left in there. Phasers firing....they're maneuvering to quickly, sir! I can't hold a lock on them...they're out of phaser range now..."

NP: "Forget it then...we'll stop that big ship....he can be stuck on Earth; it'll make him easier to deal with....."

Jerad: "You have to let me get down there!"

NP: "We can't drop shields-"

Tactical: "Incoming fire, sir!"

NP: "Evasive to port! ...and that's why, Jerad....and they'd blast a shuttle to're gonna have to wait."

Jerad: 'Make it fast....."

NP: "That's the plan.....helm, turn to 087 mark 54...tactical, lock quantum torpedoes on that warp driver."

Science: "Sir, they're powering up shields..."

NP: "Full impulse! Get us within their shield perimeter!"

Helm: "It's gonna be close, sir...."

Science: "Her weapons are charging..."

Helm: "Evading.....sir, we're within their shields..."

NP: "Skim their hull....Tactical: Fire on their systems as the opportunity presents itself....Warp drivers, weapons, and deflectors."

Tactical: "Aye...firing...."

Science: "Sir! I've located they're intermix's pretty deep in there..."

NP: "Start digging with phasers....then plant a couple of torpedoes and see what grows.."

Tactical: "Firing.....hull eroding, sir.....launching torpedoes."

NP: "Helm: take us away....FAR away!"

Helm: "Engaging warp drive...."

Science: "There she....goes?"

NP: "What? Helm, all stop."

Science: "It looks deflated, sir! That warp core must have been providing some kind of artificial structural integrity....between the loss of power and the internal collapsed in on itself, sir."

NP: "Back to orbit....Transporter room, stand by. Jerad, you ready?"


Jerad: "I'm ready. It's been nice knowing you, Northern Paladin."

NP: "What does that mean? You aren't coming back?"

Jerad: "I'm not quite sure. It'll be a shame you won't be with us."

NP: "Well, thanks for everything."

Jerad: "Yes. Thank you too."

And he leaves...

Helm: "Sir..."

NP: "Yes?"

Helm: "There are about 100 ships coming in on long range scanners... all small, but 200 of them."

NP: "What? DAMN!"


Jerad wanders in between the peak and the cave exit, pacing, waiting for Bacca and his army to come out.

Looking in, he sees a lone figure drenched in cloaks emerging from the peak.

"Is... is that you?" asks Jerad.

"Yes, my friend. It's been a while." answers to the man, looking to be in his mid-twenties, a large staff on his back. "The others will be here soon. Let's wait for them."

"Right my friend... now, Lorak, tell me of what has happened in these past years! How did you survive the explosion?"

"Well, it was like this," started Lorak. "After you defeated t-"

But he was cut off by a bolt of lightning zapping away from Crystal Peak. Then 3, 4, more from the sky into Crystal Peak! And then on the ground.

The Dark Moogle's army appeared. And some troops of another form too. Lined around the base of the peak, they drew their weapons, watching the entrance like flies.

"How are we gonna get up?" said Jerad.

"I have a plan." replied Lorak. "But we should hide before they see us. To that rock over that. That'll let us greet the people emerging from the cave as well."

"Good," agreed Jerad, and they went to the rock, swiftly, unnoticed. They sat, and began to talk...


Dark Moogle: "Ha ha ha ha! My Generals! I summon thee!"

In a flash of light, a group of what looked like elite warriors, all races and sizes, appeared at the Dark Moogle's side, on the top of Crystal Peak.

"Get to the bottom of the tower. Each of you take a different floor, starting here from the top. Now go! Greet the oncoming heroes, and stop them dead in their tracks! I need time to drain the materia, and my friend still has to arrive with the yellow."

Another bolt of light...

"Who the hell are you?"

New figure: "I am Seph LaRoche, the one who started this mess, reporting for duty from the high Lord C-"

"Whatever, blah blah blah!! Just get down there, and help those warriors guard."

"Yes, master..."

They left.

Dark Moogle: "It's only a matter of time! He will be here soon, and I will rule this planet, and all the power that resides within it! This will be the day a new god emerges to rule over everyone! No one will stop me! Yes!!!