Earth.... part one
Earth.... part one

The Northern Paladin

Bridge of the Phoenix.

Helm: "Entering Sol system, sir...."

NP: "Cloak ship.....sensor scan?"

Science: "No other vessels in the area, sir."

NP: "I'll be damned...we beat him here! Jerad, what's that place where DarkMoogle has to drain the Materia?"

Jerad: "Crystal Peak...located here"

NP: "Helm, put us into geosynchronous orbit over that point."

Helm: "Aye, sir."

NP: "Our last shot at stopping him from getting there is to intercept his ship...if we fail that, we'll have to transport down...."

Jerad: "Once he starts actually draining the crystals, it will be difficult to stop the process...."

NP: "Somehow, I figured that.....I wonder what delayed him...full sensors sweeps..passive only. Let's keep the element of surprise. In the meantime...I've got a little errand I want to run...."

Jerad: "Is that wise?"

NP: "It's something that needs to be done....I'll only be a few minutes"

Later, in the transporter room...

NP: "Ok, I've got the rubindium understand what you have to do?"

Transporter Chief: "Yes, sir."

NP "Energize..."