Moogle War... Me Too!
Moogle War... Me Too!


I'm not that good at writing stuff, but would anyone want to toss me into the MW? thanks in advance:-)

His Dark Lordship

Sure thing.


Locke stands over Rachel's stinky rotting carcass. He had finally found a treasure that could revive Rachel completely. He raised the jewel over her head, and her skin began to recompose. Her eyes opened.

Rachel: Locke..? Is it really you?

Locke: Yes, I-

Just then a lot of screaming is heard, followed by a lot of Kupos. A dozen Moogles come crashing down the stairs. Amongst them is Mog.

Moogles: The doctors say that males, and women below age 8, cannot bear babies, but for us they're doing great!

Mog: I will assimilate every-body... Oooh, is that a chick.

Locke: No way. Rachel.. I'll protect you!

A Big Moogleboar walks up to Locke.

Locke: Uhhh... die bastard.

Locke takes a swing and hits the moogleboar in part of the leg. The moogleboar clubs Locke on the head and knocks him cold. The last thing he hears are Rachel's screams...

...And wakes up in a basement with no ceiling, in a town crumbling apart, and no inhabitants except for the odd kupoed seagull.