The Army Is Gathered
The Army Is Gathered

Tojo Mojo

Tojo walked alone through the forest. The vision of the horse he had talked to was now gone, and he was alone. As he wandered, he came across a road. He noticed a Wendy's down the street.
"Ohh, I am a little hungry."
Upon entering, Tojo finds 500 Mohonian knights munching down on some fresh stuffed pitas.
"There you are! I've been looking all over for you. Where are the rest of you?"
A knight, mouth full of food, said, "Mmf? Oo, i ont know."
"Oh well, better than nothing. Come on, let's go to this Crystal place. That's where everyone else is."
Thus Tojo and his army begin the march to that Crystal place.

His Dark Lordship

And thus they got cut off by some mystics on a patrol.

Major Kukariach: What are you doing on mystic land?

Tojo Mojo

Tojo: Umm, excuse me, Mr. KluKayak, I merely seek passage to the crystal place where the big party is. So just let me pass.

Major Kukariach: That's Kukariach, and you _are_ on mystic land, so we will determine if you can pass.

Tojo: Well, Mr. Krukarback, I don't want to have to fight you. I'm on a tight schedule.

Tojo looks at his watch.

Tojo: Oh, well... I better be going.

Tojo begins to walk past the patrol.

His Dark Lordship

"Not so fast, pal." Kukariach waves his hand and Tojo's army freezes in their tracks. "You want to go to crystal peak.." he points his finger to someplace behind Tojo. "It's _/*THAT*/_ way. Now get the hell off Mystic Territory if you don't want to die."

Tojo Mojo

Tojo: Oh, okay.

Tojo and his army turn around and once again march off towards that crystal place.