The Beast Awakens
The Beast Awakens

Lady Paladin


The beast, a cousin of golems, simply rolled over in his sleep, his terra-cotta body clicking against the floor and walls of the cave.

"I said awaken!" cried the voice, and the echo of an annoyed hoofbeat traveled through the cave.

"Why should I awaken?" yawned the feline, not even bothering to open his eyes. "I've slept fine for a few millennia. Why should I be bothered now?"

"Because my mistress says so," replied the authoritative, masculine voice.

One lazy eye opened. "And who, might I ask, is your mistress?"

"My mistress is the Lady Paladin, and she has requested your services. And you have not slept for a few millennia, only 3 years, great George."

The gigantic Chia Kitten rolled over to face the intruding voice. The cat then stood, and stretched with another yawn. To his shoulder, he was 10 feet high, and his entire back and underbelly were covered with a fine green fuzz. Still lazy, George called out, "Step forward so that I might confirm who you are."

A fine palomino Paso Fino stallion stepped out of the shadows. It was who George had suspected. "Ah, Golden Melody. Strange to see you without your lady for once."

The stallion sighed. "Actually, I haven't even seen her for a few months. She's been involved in a war against the Moogles. I've been guarding her cottage in the meantime, but she informed me that I was to awaken you as quickly as possible."

"Oh? And why is that?" asked George the Chia Kitten.

With a distinguished, almost British accent, the horse continued, "My lady has at this time just entered a perilous cave. The cave leads to Crystal Peak." The cat's eyes widened. "You may not be needed immediately, but she thought it was best you should be informed. Your assistance may be necessary."

"Mmm." George thought, sitting back on his haunches. The cat nodded, silently agreeing to assist. "And does she still use my Chia Herb Garden?"

Golden Melody smiled. "But of course. She is a healer, after all. That magical garden has been a great help to her."

The Chia Pet nodded his clay head. "That is good to know. Well, if I am needed my your Lady, just summon me. I will be ready." The stallion bowed graciously, and then turned and left the cave in a quiet clatter of hooves.