Tojo's Return
Tojo's Return

Tojo Mojo

(OOC: I return. Hopefully someone is listening)

Tojo Mojo walked alone across the field where he once fought NP so many, well, weeks ago. A few straggling Swooning Female Teens wander about, amidst the bodies of countless Barney-borgs and Bill Gates Clones. Stepping over the occasional pair of underwear, Tojo suddenly realizes his army is missing.

Tojo: Must have lost 'em on the long march back from the moon. Oh, well. I guess I'm on my own now. With my new magic skills, Mog will cower at the power of my spells.

Tojo reassuringly pats his pocket containing the not-quite-master Periwinkle Materia.

Tojo: Mog will pay... For Eo, for Ross... Once they were straight, but Mog... I'm sure it was him who changed them. He will pay, he will pay.

Tojo enters the forest where the quest for Mog's fortress had begun so long ago.

Tojo: Now I just have to figure out where everyone went.

Lady Paladin

A palomino stallion appears before Tojo. "You are one of the heroes, are you not?" asks the horse in a British accent.

Tojo stares at the Paso Fino stallion in surprise. "Why, yes I am. Who and what are you?"

"My name is Golden Melody, and I serve the Lady Paladin. I was passing through this area on a mission, and I sensed your presence. As I had been told to be alert and on the lookout for those such as you, I decided to inform you of my presence."

Tojo arched an eyebrow. "Okay...but where is everyone?"

The stallion snorted. "That is a complex question you ask. My lady, High Lord Bacca, Druidess Kaitlin, Dragoon Jaana, Sephiroth, the Black Moogle Ku-Sam, and Master Chemist Lorinan.... I hope that is all of them... are at this time entering a cave to Crystal Peak. The noble Northern Paladin is at an unknown locale with his companions."

"Can you take me anyplace?" Tojo asks.

The palomino looks insulted. "I can only transport my Lady. It is enough that I have given you this information, so now you can do as you choose." Golden Melody untangles his hoof from a pair of y-fronts. Then, with a nod of his creamy white mane, the horse vanishes.