Agh! Monster!
Agh! er!

The One and Only Shadow

"For the love of Thanos, get your head out of yer ass and help me over here!"
"Shut the hell up! I don't help nobody!"
"Your going to get a beat down cuz of that!"
"Hey, hey. Let's all just get along here."
An argument had broken out between some of the soldiers. Raziel was trying to calm them down.
"Look...can't we all just get along? I think your the one who started this whole mess."
"ME? Is was him! He's the one who threw the rock at my head!"
"What?! That's a lie! I didn't throw a rock! It was a pebble!"
"Rock, pebble, whatever! They're all the same damn thing!"
"Both of you, shut the hell up!" Raziel said furiously. "If you would stop fighting, we could get this stupid job done!"
His Highness Bacca had ordered Raziel to scout the beginnings of the cave. So far, he hadn't seen anything that was really of any importance.
"I still can't believe they sent me on this damned trip. Why didn't they send that karate boy, Siran or whatever."
"I think Bacca's trying to test you."
"I didn't ask for an opinion from you soldier! That's it, let's go back. There's nothing to see here."
Raziel's mini army of 10 men started to march back towards where the rest of the army were gathered. Suddenly, the ground started to rumble.
"What the hell was that Sir?!?!"
"I have no idea." Raziel began to regret leaving the boy back at the camp. He could've helped in a dangerous situation like this.
The ground shook once more.
"There it is again! I'm telling you, it's a monster!"
"You insolent fool! Shut your trap! Do you want whatever it is to hear us?"
"Look! Something's coming from back there!"
Raziel turned around to see a shadow creeping against the cave wall, heading in the troops' direction.
"All right men, this is it. Take your battle positions!" Raziel unsheathed Rembrandt. The mini army began to wait patiently for the monster.
Then it happened. The very roof of the cave began to shake. Rocks were falling everywhere. Raziel saw two of his men fall to the rocks from the corner of his eye. This was not good.
"Get ready to attack!" Raziel shouted desperately over the loud noise of the ceiling rumbling uncontrollably.
The ceiling had stopped shaking. There was silence once again.
"Where'd it go!"
"I don't know!"
"Hey, that rhym---AHHHHHHHHH!"
In an instant, the soldier was gone. He was ripped in half from the torso from behind. Something had came up from the darkness itself. Then, the creature emerged from the darkness.
"Hey, I know what that is! It's...GODZILLA!"
"Godzilla?!?! Ahhh!! Run for your lives!!!!!"
[Hey, if we can have an army of Lance Henriksens, why not have Godzilla?]
"You idiots!" Raziel yelled over the commotion, "Come back! We can fight it!"
"Are you insane mage?!? Fight God---" The soldier couldn't finish. He was immediately eaten whole from the monster up above.
In an instant, all but Raziel had either been eaten or escaped. Raziel was alone. The monster was standing still.
"ROOOOOARRRRRRRR!" The monster roared right into Raziel's face.
"Okay, that's it. You fight me, or you yell at me. Get the picture?"
The monster nodded in agreement.
"Good. Good. We are getting somewhere now! Now, have at you!"
Raziel began to run towards the monster's legs. He began to hack and slash at the monster's feet. It was no use. What the hell was he thinking anyways? Without magic, he was useless against the monster. Why not run away and leave the monster for the Dark Moogle, or Mog? Yes, that was it!
Raziel turned around, and started to run. Run as fast as he could. He could feel the ground shake as the monster followed him.
There was a light up ahead. The entrance! But, the monster, wouldn't it attack the camp?
"Decisions, decisions..."

His Dark Lordship

Godzilla watched the weird little man scurry off. He then looked about.

No more people to eat. Dammit.

He liked this new form the gods bestowed upon him, though. His old, upright form kicked total ass, but this was much more maneuverable, which helped, and it retained the strengths of the old form.

He burrowed back down through the rock, leaving the huge crater to fill up with water.

Back at the finally reconstructed Baron (destroyed before by Godzilla.. :P):

King Cecil: Well, it took a lot of lives and manpower, but we've finally rebuilt from the moogle/weapon/Godzilla attack.

Just then...

Rosa's Mom: Oh no.. not *again*!

Townfolk: GOD-ZILLA!!!

Cecil: Aw fuck. Evacuate the city.

So, Godzilla trashes Baron again. Many people are killed, and a lot of buildings are smashed(YEAAH!)

He sniffed the air. He smelt more meat, back at the peak. Lots and lots of Meat. MEAT!