The Mystic's Midnight
The Mystic's Midnight


She stared up at the moon.
Strange that she hadn't noticed it before...but now it was there, shining in all its full glory. She was amazed.
And yet it was a paradox. How could there be both the moon and the sun at one time? She frowned.
It was just like what Bacca was feeling.
There was a moon and a sun in both Kaitlin and Jaana. The moonlight was too dim to illuminate it; the sun was not strong enough to reveal it.
In one direction was the light. In the other was the dark. But it was not completely dark, no; the pale moon was present, providing comfort to the weary nighttime traveler.
And that was what they all were.
Bacca was fighting an unknown force, was unsure of what the druidess's and the dragoon's intentions were. She knew that the Lady Paladin felt it as well, but was just as helpless to face it.
For how could you fight if you didn't know who your enemies were? She was standing between worlds, between the midnight and the dawn. Which one would win out?
In time, she would know.
And in time, Bacca would know.
She hoped that by then, it wouldn't be too late.