Edgar and the Forest
Edgar and the Forest

King Edgar 0

The troops jumped backwards.

Dath: Moogles?

Edgar: Not regular moogles.... Woodland moogles. A long time ago a small band of moogles left the moogle town in search of something better. They settled in these woods. There are no legends about them... And you are some of the first humans to ever see them.

The troops kept looking at the moogle. It had a green hide. Smoother than a regular moogle's skin. Over the years of living in the trees there hide got tinted green. They where a few inches shorter than the normal moogle. And this one had a strange rune carved on his forehead.

Moogle: Welcome Edgar! I am Kepen, The moogle scout. I will guide you to the inner fort.

The troops walked through the strange forest. The exchanged nervous glances with each other. The moogle Kepen guided them deeper and deeper into the forest. The troops stopped. Before them stood a 10 foot tall wall with a strange small door. The troops had to duck down to get through the door. Once the got past the door they stood in a tiny moogle village. Kepen waved his hand to get there attention then led them to a large hut in the center of the village.

Edgar, Dath, and a few other high ranking guards went into the hut, The rest stayed outside. The inside of the hut was decorated with wooden carvings, strange weapons, And pictures drawn with ash. The men where seated and given drinks.

Soon the Moogle Chief entered the hut. He looked a lot older than the scout. His hide was darker green and by looking into his eyes you could tell he had been around for a long time.

Moogle Chief: Welcome Edgar! Do you find the village to your liking?

Edgar: Of course Ketpa! You have a fine city here

The two reached out and clasped hands.

Ketpa: How was your journey?

Edgar: Just fine, Apart from the fact that it was across a desert.....

Ketpa chuckled

Dath: I believe the troops may need refreshments Sirs.

Ketpa: Of course of course. Kepen!

The scout ran into the hut

Ketpa: Get these men drinks and food! The best you can find

Edgar: My thanks for such a warm welcome

Ketpa: Your welcome Edgar. Now about our plans

Edgar: Yes, Here they are.

Edgar took a large scroll from his pouch and opened it up on the table

Ketpa looked over the plans. Yes, yes. This is perfect. With the added power and height of your men this will take half the time we originally planned. Look at this Edgar. Ketpa took a piece of paper from a drawer. Edgar looked over its various writings and pictures.

Edgar: These are great plans Ketpa! I had never even dreamed of some of these traps and such. We will add our technology to your numbers! Together we will build Neo-Figaro!