Seph Returns to the War
Seph Returns to the War


The Dark Moogle's space bubble ripped through the absence of matter, in hyper drive. The Dark Moogle had them. All 6. Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Materia. Now all he needed to do was get to Crystal Peak.

Black Ogre: "Sir! We have something interesting on scanners."

DM: "Really? What?"

Black Ogre: "It's Seph LaRoche! The one who started this whole mess!"

DM: "Oh, really now? This could prove useful. Where is he?"

Black Ogre: "Wandering the planet below us... um... the planet of, it looks like... Olympia."

DM: "Olympia? That's Chaos's home planet. What's Seph doing there? Where is he?"

Black Ogre: "Out side the city of Raglion. He set up camp."

DM: "That's their capitol. We're going to get Seph. He must know something. Last I heard, he was trying to stop the Moogle War II."

On the planet...

Seph is sitting there chopping some fire wood. When suddenly, his camp is fired upon, and everything but him is destroyed!

Seph: "Oh not again."

A group of Black Moogles and the Dark Moogle runs up.

Seph: "AGH! Little green men! Well, not quite! Get away!"

He kicks one, and it goes "WEEEEEEE" like a Tickle-Me Elmo being kicked across the room. The black moogle hits and tree and puff flies out of him.

DM: "Not that wasn't very nice."

Seph: "Get away from me!" He kicks another on with the same effect.

DM: "Would you stop that!!!!!!"

Seph: "Never!" he kicks a third then takes off running.

DM: "Sigh, I'll have to do this myself." He pulls out the white materia, and suddenly Seph floats back. "Your comin' with us."

Seph: "No! Not again! No more Moogle War! Agh!"

With that he disappears.

In a lab somewhere...

Scientist: "Okay Seph, ve vill switch your brain vith da big robot in da corner."

DM: "No, you idiot! I don't want to switch his brain! Just control it!"

Seph: "Your mad!"

DM: "Oh, like I haven't heard that enough!"

Seph shudders. "What are you going to do to me?"

Scientist: "Ve vill mutate you vith da Hyde potion."

DM: "That's it! Your fired!"

Scientist: "Vhat?!? Vhat about his arms being made metallic?!?"

DM: "I just want him under my control, but I'll have to use more Materia power to do that then!"

Scientist: "Do I get a severance package, vyah?"

DM: "No! Ogre! Kick him out the window!"

A black ogre rolls down the window, picks up the Moogle scientist, and kicks him out into the garbage compactor.

Scientist: "I vas so look forward to-" *SPLAT*

DM: "Now, get another scientist in here... a good one!"


Seph: "I will do your bidding, Dark Moogle."

DM: "Good. You there! Bring up the files on the Materia Warriors! Do we have the full story on them yet?"

Ogre: "Yes sir! All the Materia Warriors on file except 2."

DM: "Good. Who are they?"

Black Ogre: "You, Jerad, Ku-Sam, Sage Lorak the Summoner, Chaos, and... oh wait. All the others are dead."

DM: "Nuts. Then we'll have to make new ones. Seph! I give you, the power of the Materia!"

The room fills with light, and Seph's voice is screaming... then there's dead silence. And all is over.

Seph: "I feel... infused... with great power!"

DM: "That's right. You have the knowledge to use the materia's power. I don't give that to just anyone. But I need another learner of it. Now! Onward to Crystal Peak!"

Black Ogre: "Um.. sir?"

DM: "What?!?"

Ogre: "That blast damaged our power. Our bubbles exploded, and it will be about 3 hours before we can make more, than 1 before we get enough to teleport us again."

DM: "Fine! Get working then!"