Sephiroth approached Medina. He could see the moogles in the valley below, ravaging the quaint little town and its inhabitants. He paused to survey the extent of the damage. Buildings were smouldering, and he could hear the cries of the townspeople mixed in with the grunts of horny moogleboars.
"Damn," he said out loud. He felt a strange rage building within him. It was a waste, he thought. Death and destruction were one thing, but waste....that was unforgivable. He spied what he thought was Mog's tent. It was big, and surrounded by 100 of the best troops in the army. He began descending into the valley, heading toward the tent. He knew he wouldn't get
that far. He was right.
As he approached the edge of the town, he saw a familiar face. It was Kupieron, a moogle he had fought with many times. Kupieron saw him. He hopped off the now-dead Medinan and approached Sephiroth.
"Sephiroth. You've returned."
"You know we have orders to kill you on sight."
"Do you?"
"Oh yes. Mog wants you dead. He's told us you've been sleeping with a.....woman." Kupieron shuddered, "Mog doesn't like being deserted for a woman....."
"I had no choice...."
"I don't think he cares about that. We've been given orders to shoot you. You won't even have the honor of being kupoed to death."
Sephiroth raised an eyebrow, "He must really be upset."
"You could say that...."
"Well, what if I told you I had information for him."
"About the opposing army. *Classified* information...."
Kupieron cocked his head.
"The woman was second in command....she had access to all their secrets."
"And she told you..."
"Told me? She asked me for advice!!!! You'd be surprised what a little lovin' will do for a woman...." Sephiroth winked.
"Ewww.....that's enough of that...." Kupieron grimaced, "I'll take you to Mog....if he's pleased with the information, he may put you to death by kupo."
Sephiroth grinned.
"Then I'd die a happy man."