The Rise of Edgar
The Rise of Edgar

King Edgar 0

Somewhere South-West of where Figaro once stood

Edgar: Ok troops! Now is our day of unveiling!

General Dath: The rise of Figaro has started!

Edgar: Now our time has started! The enemies of Figaro will tremble in fear when they see the cloud of dust that will rise from Tyrano's Lair!

Scout: Edgar Sir! Reports from the Tyrano's Lair search!

Edgar: Anything?

Scout: No, We can't gather much information, since it has been improved.

Edgar: Then we must be careful when the final days come.

Scout: Yes Sir!

Edgar: Let's move!

A small group of people emerged from a cave in the sand. They grouped up and formed rank.

Edgar: March SW! We must meet our new allies!

Troops: Yes sir!

His Dark Lordship

Azala: Looking for me?

He sharply turns his head, and General Dath rises up in the air gasping.

Azala: The old Darth Vadar trick. Anyway, promise to quit chasing us around, and I'll not only spare his life, but I'll even get you supplies to build a new Figaro castle. Deal?

King Edgar 0

Edgar: I am not going after you Azala, I am going SW(and I am already on the SW edge of Figaro desert). Yes, I promise, No chasing. Now let Dath down. You see Azala, I would not go chasing after the likes of you with a small band of 50 or so. I would have to be drunk, or high.... or both.... Well anyway.. You can put him down now, And as for building supplies, I will have all I need soon.....

His Dark Lordship

Azala: Okay, fine. Just thought I'd help.

He turns and walks back into the skull, and it sinks back into the ground. At that time Dath falls to the ground.

Dath: OOF!!!

King Edgar 0

Dath: Gee, he was nice.

Edgar: Yes, A small setback, Oh well, We march!

The troops marched South-west.

Edgar: To our new allies!

The troops marched for a few hours. Soon the Mountains were in sight.

Scout: Edgar Sir!

Edgar: Yes?

Scout: Information on the area ahead!

Edgar: Lets hear it

Scout: Doesn't seem to be anything bad... We could spot things moving every now and then... But I doubt it's anything we can't handle

Edgar: Good job, Keep marching! Daylight is running out!

Near the end of daylight the small troop reaches the end of the sand. Then all sit down on the grass and empty out there boots. Once the troop is ready again they march on.

Edgar: Any reports from the scouts?

Dath: No Sir!

Edgar: Where are they! They should be back by know.... Send out a runner and tell him to keep a watch out for them

Dath: Yes Sir.

Dath walks over to a tall man wearing a Figaro shirt. After a few quick words the man runs ahead of the group.

The troops marched forward to the dark forest. The setting sun started to disappear behind the trees as they got closer. The troops started to wonder what lied ahead. Edgar had not told them who there new allies where. Or why they had to meet them here. But they were sure that they where being led by a smart man.

Edgar: We are closing in on the forest. Change to proud stance! Lets not have our new allies think we are tired and weak!

The troops marched on in perfect timing, Showing that they where proud to be Figarians. Although the Figarian kingdom was destroyed and ashamed by Azala they where still proud of there upbringing.

They entered the edge of the woods. Dark thoughts started to creep into the mens' minds. The weak started to get scared. The strong held the feeling back. All of a sudden something feel from the tree. It was a blur on the way down. As it landed the troops saw what they had been brought to meet. They all heard the things greeting:

"Kepo! Kepo! Welcome!"