Hello Moogles, Humans... We're Baaaack!
Hello Moogles, Humans... We're Baaaack!

His Dark Lordship

Mog bolted up in bed.

Aeris: What's wrong honey?

Mog: The skipping stone's causing ripples...

Tifa: Huh?

Mog: The dark lord allowed himself to die, knowing it would attract new adversaries, and force the dark gods to re-evaluate their decision.

A dark laugh is heard across the sky....

* * * * * * * * *

In the happy citadel of Stygia, the people observe the coming shadow..

Sage: Monsters of olde.. Haters of Mankind and masters of magic... Yakra... Slash... Flea... Ozzie... the essences of the mystic kingdom.. They live!

King: Hoist thy spears to the walls, and prepare for siege! We border the wall between darkness and man! We cannot allow the range of our people to be struck from both sides!

* * * * * * * * *

They attacked at midnight... The guards were ready, but their time was come. With great strikes the balrogs of olde tore the walls asunder, and the swordsmen of Yakra stood bold as they sliced down the soldiers of Stygia. The priests swung their magic but to no avail, as the spells of Flea burst them into flames. Ozzie laughed as he beheaded the king himself, and Slash lead the ultimate of the infantry to overcome the great cavalry of Stygia...

And Ozzie, upon the throne of Stygia, wove his magics around the castle. Before long the town was rebuilt and resembled the great castle that he dwelt in so long ago with his former friend, the Magus.. And within the following days his army sacked a few fellow cities nearby, and Mystic empire began to reshape....

* * * * * * * * *

Within Raven'sloft, the fortress of the dark lord, the soldiers stood watch. Bacca observed the building of the walls, and coaxed those who were filled with doubt.

But, an earthquake arose, and the skull of a monster, similar to the heads of the monsters the Lizar rode, burst forth from the ground. The jaws opened, and out walked a Lizard man, clothed in the finest robery, which hide his mail made from the hardest of body armour. Upon his head stood a crown of a serpent, coiled around and rising at the head, with great square cut crystals
beseith in its many nooks. His muscular arms and maced tail stood out in the moonlight. Bacca ran forth towards him.

"Greetings, `High Lord of all that Kicks ass.' I am Azala, immortal king of the reptiles. I am here to avenge a death of a friend."

"You mean the dark lord?" asked Bacca. "Are you lizar?"

"Relatives. We split up in the gene line a very long time ago. And yes, I meant the dark lord. I understand Mog has arrised, hmm?"

"Yes, he's been on the rampage. The dark lord fought against him and it reopened an old wound."

"I felt the cut. You see, we were blood brothers." Azala shook his head. "I could easily explain where that wound came from, but it is not any of your business. I am here to fight the moogles, and, should the circumstances arise, you."

The reptile turned and strode back into the giant jaws.

"That is all."

The jaws closed and the head sunk back into the ground.

* * * * * * * * *

Mog: Azala's back, and he's come for me...

Cid: Ah, don't worry. We'll best him.

Mog: No, you do not understand. He is unequaled in telekinetic powers. And he fights like a tiger backed in a corner...

Cloud: Mog, shut up and go to sleep.