The Dark Moogle's Past
The Dark Moogle's Past


Long ago when Mog and Jed (now known as the Dark Moogle) ruled over Moogleoria, Jed was betrayed over his wife, by a perverted Mog. Jed tried to kill Mog, and vice versa. But neither could do it. So insted, Mog enslaved all of the Black Moogles (seeing as there were far fewer of them) and tried to once again kill Jed.

But Jed took the Black and White Materia and ran, escaping from Moogleoria. Along with the materia, he was able to re-produce all of Moogleoria's greatest spell books, and weapon books, and became one of the most powerful warriors in fighting and magic in the world. He could use any weapon, and mastered all Dark Magic, and almost all of light magic (and all other magic types). The White Materia was later stolen by an Ancient named Tantar, but he was killed, and the Materia thought to be destroyed. Unfortunately, it wasn't, and by the time Jed had retrieved it, the Black Materia had basically overcome him. His powers were dark, but he was still capable of using the White Materia to almost its full power.

Since he had mastered 1 of the materia, he could not use the others, so he went on a quest to gain them all, and drain their energy dry. But he needed troops for this. So he used his magic to draw most of the world's Orcs and Ogres too him. He altered them all massively, in intelligence, and power. They were smart, and lethal now, and Jed, now known as the Dark Moogle, had them breeding like wild flowers.

It was time to bust the Black Moogles out. While Mog was away with his Queens (doing who knows what) the Dark Moogle and his army invaded the slaving grounds one by one, until all but a few Black Moogles were retrieved. They rebuilt hidden cities and everything.

One day, a certain city tried to rejoin with Moogleoria, their mayor, Elder Ku-Kal noticing how the Dark Moogle was trying to whip out White Moogles. So the Dark Moogle had them all killed, or so he thought.

Ku-Sam was the lone survivor of the destruction. He was able to retrieve many of DM's spell books and weapon books, and used them to try and become as powerful as the DM. But without the Materia he could never measure up. So he sought help (but that is another story).

The Dark Moogle proceeded to grow in power, and know has the power of all but 2 Ultimate Materia: The Yellow, and the Red. Jerad using the Yellow, and the Northern Paladin trying to get the Red back before it can get to the Dark Moogle.

And that's his past!