The Northern Paladin, rolls, awakening under the throbbing sunlight of an unknown place, in the middle of a grassy field. The heat of flames are around him, and his head is throbbing in pain.

"What the hell happened?" he says, gripping his head, and slowly getting to his feet. His armor is charred, and some burns on his skin, but other than that, he is fine. "Minor wounds."

He looks around, adjusting his vision.

About 500 yards away, yells the ruins of the Excelsior. "Excelsior!!" he yells, running to it. "No... how can this be."

"He used the Materia," a familiar voice answers. "That's how it can be. But I used mine, and were able to save us."

NP turned around, and saw Jerad Galloria standing there, his armor also singed, holding the Yellow Materia. It is faint.

"What happened to the Materia?" asked NP.

"It will be fine, given time to recharge." said Jerad. "But with it's power that is left, I have honed in on my friend Ku-Sam. The only other one who can help me destroy Dark Moogle. Well, there is another, but he'd never help. Not now..."

"Grim. Where are we?" NP looks around, to the purple skies, to the awakening bodies of his crew, few dead, looking to the ruins of Excelsior. "Where the heck are we? This isn't Earth." He points to the sky. 8 moons. Is it night? And still light out?

"I don't know." answered Jerad. "But we have to get home." He showed NP the Materia. In it, the image of Ku-Sam, lying almost lifeless. "Before it's too late... I have used most of my power too. I will use the rest to heal to your crew, all but a little Just... get me back."

He raised the Yellow Materia, and it rippled with power, emitting a massive light. NP's crew awakened, their armor glistening, their bodies healed.

The yellow materia dropped to the ground, Jerad not far behind.

"Jerad!" yelled NP. He picked up the yellow Materia, now more white than Yellow, and looked in. It still projected Ku-Sam and a battle at Earth. "We have to get him." The words rang through NP's mind.

"Okay troops!" he yelled. "Let's get off of this rock! We have to heal Jerad before it's too late!"