The Revival
The Revival


The black moogle lay there, his dark cloak burnt by the overuse of his power, his body ached all over... darkness was coming.

The battle had left Ku-Sam nearly killed, and what wasn't gone soon would be. Everyone had left him, and remembered nothing more of him. He was alone, like he had been since he had been thrown through the time rift with his friend Jerad, Robo, and Darkblade. Now he was the third to die, or possibly the fourth, if Jerad had perished. Only two people were left of the ones who could stop the Dark Moogle. And until all 6 Materia holders were dead, the gift could not be passed on to another... and one was eternal. The only way it could be passed is if all the ones opposing the passing were killed.

"I have... to find help..." said the Dark Moogle, rolling onto his stomach. He tried flapping his wings, but it was no use. He began to crawl, reaching the head of the mountain. Looking down, he saw the few remaining troops heading back to the Dark Lord's base.

"Help!" his little voice cried, but the power had taken it out of him. no one heard. Ku-Sam lost his footing and rolled down the hill, hitting the gravel below.

"Time... is almost... up..." he said, rolling back onto his stomach, and crawling again, this time somewhat slower. "I must... get back..."

Only half a mile, he thought. But I can't make it.

Then, he heard it, the sounds of his enemy...


Mog's voice echoed throughout the pass, and when Ku-Sam looked back, the White Moogle army was there, in full force, heading down the pass. Ku-Sam would be trampled or kupoed to death, whatever came first... unless someone could save him.

"Help!" he yelled, using all of his energy! It rang throughout the canyon.

And with that, his little Moogle eyes closed, and he put his head down.

"Help... me..."


Suddenly, a man materialized next to Ku-Sam. He looked the moogle over. "I really need to help him. Let's see, one part ether and two parts potion? I think that's right. Well, here goes nothing."

He forces the concoction down the moogles throat. The moogle comes around.

KS: "Thanks for helping me. I'm Ku-Sam. Who're you?"

Man: "I'm Lorinan. I heard your cry for help, and came as fast as I could. We need to get you back to Bacca. I think the right mix is 1 anti-matter and 1 watch. I can never remember. Hold on."

::back at the hideout::

Bacca: "Where are they?"

Suddenly a mist surrounds the group. A man and moogle step out, followed by a large purple dinosaur. Lorinan looks behind him.

"Not again. Hold on." Mixes 1 elixer and 1 bomb. "That should do it."
The dinosaur is blown up.

L: "We're Baaack."


Ku-Sam: "Thank you Lorinan for saving me." He hands Lorinan an envelope. "Open this if I die."

"Now what's going on all?"

[in Jaana's universe]

The moogle army drew closer as Ku-sam lay helpless on the rocky ground. Miles away, Jaana, Kaitlin, and Sephiroth were making their way through the woods, back to the keep of the deceased Dark Lord. They stopped. Jaana looked at Kaitlin, then at Sephiroth. He nodded. The three disappeared from the woods without a sound.
The injured moogle groaned as the dust from the approaching army choked him. He said a final prayer to the gods he was unsure were still there. He heard a faint rustling and looked up. There, standing between him and the army stood a trio of humans.
"Jaana....." he rasped. She and the two figures behind her bowed their heads and raised their hands.
"MassStop" they intoned.
The approaching army suddenly stopped. The dust began to settle. Kaitlin approached the moogle and helped him to his feet.
"Come.....we have work to do....."
"I cannot........"
"Yes, you can," Kaitlin scolded. We have need of your assistance. It is not your time to die"
Jaana crouched down so that she was at eye level with the moogle.
"Lady Paladin will tend to you. She must increase her powers, and healing you will be good practice for her. We need your have a place with us. You know this."
"Yes." Ku-sam blinked deliberately "I do. We must hurry....I don't have much time."
"The Stop spell won't hold for much longer." Sephiroth picked up the moogle. "We will take him back to the keep."
Jaana nodded, as the four vanished. The moogles remained held....for the time being.


Ku-Sam: "Thank you too for saving me as well." He hands them the same envelopes.