Speaking of Orkys...
Speaking of Orkys...

His Dark Lordship

A lizar runs up to DL.

N'kraqa: We have guests.

DL: MORE? Lovely....

DL goes off to the far walls outside the keep they've been working on to protect the extra troops. He stands at the tower and looks upon a sea of orks. A particularly well clad (well, as well clad as an ork can get) steps up.

Ork: Greetin'z. I be Drugga, da Klubba! Iz 'dis da fortress uv a Mawg?

DL: Not exactly...

Ork: Aw dammit. Weez in da rong kingdom. Whare kan I find Mawg?

DL: His empire's boundaries are that way. Why do you wanna find Mog?

Ork: 'e getz all deez girls an I wuz wonderin' if I culd borrow won. Why?

DL: Well, he's our primary opposition.

Ork: Aw, really? Kool. Ohkay boyz! Dis way!

N'kraqa: That was.. interesting.

DL: Somehow I doubt Mog and Him will get on too well. Doubt he'll want to team up with us either. From what I know of Orks from my years holding this "colony", war's a good pastime when they're bored. Orks are also exceptionally horny and might give the moogles a run for their money. Most of them aren't bisexual though there might be a few. Orks can pretty much reproduce with anything and the result will be almost a full fledged ork. I've heard cases of cross human/ork hybrids resulting from raids and the only thing different from the offspring and your run of the mill ork is that the offspring had rounded ears.

N'kraqa: You have any idea why this is?

DL: I think it has something to do with the jizz, but I really have no idea. It's just a theory of mine. Anyway, resume work on the walls. We'll need 'em.


Spacecat jumps in through the window. "What if a female orc mates with a male human? What then?"

His Dark Lordship

"I assume the same thing." (shrugs)


"But the females don't have jizz, right?"

His Dark Lordship

"Guess my theory's fucked, huh?" ;D


"Yeah, guess so. Well, I've got to go get some lemonade and hop in a limo now, then I'll meet Bacca. See ya, Dark Lord." Spacecat jumps out the same window he came in through.

"Odd fellow, that Spacecat..." says Jaana.