"Excuse me sir," says a small voice.
The team looks over to the close hill, as a short figure in a brown cloak steps over the mountain.
"I mean you no harm. But I heard of your plan against me ex-master. I want in." The team stares blankly at him. "And who are you?" asks DLE.
"The name is Ku-Sam," says a Black Moogle, removing his hood. "But I am not part of either of the moogle armies. I am merely a wanderer, seeking help to destroy the Dark Moogle. I came here with a Knight named Jerad, but we were split up trying to stop the Dark Moogle's first raid. Can I join you? I am not a spy. You can have your druidess scan my brainwaves, if you wish."

Lady Paladin

Lady Paladin's eyes narrow in suspicion. "True, the druidess could scan your mind, but there could still be blocks that she couldn't get through." She crosses her arms, and turns to address the rest of the party. "I have traveled all over the galaxy, and to several different dimensions. I once went to a place called Babylon 5, where there are many telepaths. I became friends with one in particular, Lyta, and learned the tricks of the trade. High level telepaths can place strong blocks on memory that are so deep even the person who's blocked can't break through." She turns and points at the Dark Moogle. "If he is going to join us, I want every nook and cranny of his brain probed. I don't have any desire to be stabbed in the back. The fact that he was able to sneak up on our group of warriors makes him even more suspicious." Her jaw clenches, and it is
apparent her mind will not be swayed.

Bacca looks at Lady Paladin and then back at Ku-Sam. "I agree with many of your points, Lady, but it's not fair for all of his secrets to be revealed like that."

Her expressions soften some, and her stance is still firm. "I agree it isn't fair, but I don't want this party to be made any more vulnerable than it is already. I have nothing against him as a Dark Moogle -- I have known many in the past -- but I simply cannot trust this stranger. There is too much at stake."

Ku-Sam coughs politely, reminding the party that he is still standing there. "I understand much of what you say, Lady. I still wish to join, though, and I would like to hear the other party members speak on this matter." The moogle faces the Dark Lord, Jaana, Kaitlin, Bacca, the Twins, and Sephiroth, and awaits an answer.


"Oh, and about me probing the stranger's mind . . . ?" Kaitlin interjected, "I could. But I'm not sure if I want to." She shakes her head. "You know, I don't even know how I got myself INTO this . . . "


Ku-Sam: "I have nothing to hide in my head. Everything that has ever happened to me has been caused by the Dark Moogle, or Chaos. If you can scan my mind, it may increase your motivation to defeat him. But I do have some stuff I don't want to advertise. So if you could only relay the most important stuff to your allies, I'd be very happy."

[some time later, after Ku-Sam has been ignored for a while]

Ku-Sam, unbeknownst to the rest of the party, has been following Jaana, Kaitlin, Bacca, Darklord, and Sephiroth since he first introduced himself to them.

Ku-Sam: "For the last time I am NOT working for the Dark Moogle! Now. Do you accept my supreme magic powers or not?"

His Dark Lordship

"Well, either way the only guy who cares about the dark moogle right now is the Northern Paladin. We won't be able to use you as much as he might."


"You'll meet up with him. Trust me. You have something he wants, and only I can stop him from getting it. I haven't pin-pointed which one of you has it yet, but somewhere in your life essence it exists, and the Dark Moogle needs it to drain the Materia. Have you heard of a man named Jerad Galloria? He is trying to gather the Materia and destroy them. We were journeying together, but are now separated due to a recent attack. He was captured, and I'm sure has escaped by now. But I haven't been able to find him, and I have a barrier around me protecting me from anyone locating me, including him."

Sky H Ainsworth

Bacca clears his throat and gets everyone's attention.
"It is obvious that from the mass destruction going on all over the world, we are being thrown into chaos as well," said Bacca, staring at a spot on the ground. "In this chaos people will undoubtedly come forward to both join us and to subvert us. We cannot treat all of them like potential spies, but we cannot fully accept all those who wish to join us.
"I suggest this, Ku-sam, pledge us an oath that you will fight with us and not turn against us." Bacca walks up to the dark moogle and stares at him hard in the eyes. "If you break your oath of allegiance, I will personally make sure you suffer and will not do anyone else any further harm. Is that understood?"


Jaana: I don't think an oath will be necessary...

Bacca: What?

Jaana: He's not hiding anything.

Bacca: We can't know that for sure.

Jaana: Yes we can. He's not hiding anything. But if an oath will make you feel better, go ahead. He's willing...

Ku-sam: She's right. I'll make an oath.....I pledge to you complete allegiance. If I break my oath, may I be thrown into the pit of flame and kupoed to death by a legion of demons. Death to our enemies!


Ku-Sam: "The only reason I'd leave the party is to pursue the Dark Moogle on my own if he skips dimensions again. But he can't do that until he finds this dimension's gateway, and accumulates a huge sum of power. So I probably won't be leaving for a while."