Part Eleven: Sephiroth's Dead?? Part Eleven: Sephiroth's Dead??

Meanwhile back at the encampment....

Jaana: Mmmmm! Hmmmph! MHMMHPHHMMM!!
(translation: @#%$%#@! *&%$@%$! ^!@#$!!!)

Jaana searches her bag for an echo screen. She finds one and uses it.

Jaana: DAMN! That traitor!!

She hears a rustling in the bush next to her.

Jaana: Who's there?

She unsheathes Masamune and approaches the bush.

Jaana: Who are you?

Voice: You're Jaana, aren't you?

Jaana: Who wants to know?

A figure emerges from behind the bush

Jaana: Aerith? I though you were dead....

Aerith: I was....but Mog brought me back to be his of them at least....

Jaana sits down on a log.

Jaana: I hear he has quite a collection of them.

Aerith: That's right. He does. That's what I've come to talk to you

Jaana: Yeah, what *are* you doing here. I thought Mog kept a tight reign on his queens. How'd you escape?

Aerith: I didn't escape. I went for a walk. Besides, Mog's too upset at the loss of his favorite queen to notice. I'm sure he doesn't even know I'm gone.

Jaana: Oh really....or maybe he's just sent you to take care of me.

Aerith: Well, as much as he would have liked to add you to his collection, I don't think you're of much concern to him anymore. He has bigger things to deal with now.

Jaana: What, like conquering the world?

Aerith: Yes. And resurrecting his now deceased favorite queen.

Jaana: You mean Sephiroth.

Aerith: Yes. Sephiroth. Mog will want him back....

Jaana: And....

Aerith: And you could get to him first.

Jaana: Get to Sephiroth?

Aerith: Yes. I can help you bring him back.

Jaana: And why would you want to do that?

Aerith: Let's just say that I haven't been too pleased with the amount of time Mog's been spending with him lately. I wouldn't mind having him out of the way.

Jaana: What, you mean you're jealous?

Aerith: Well, when Mog assimilated Sephiroth, his attentions
to the rest of his queens stopped.

Jaana: You mean you weren't getting any!

Aerith: Yes, that's exactly what I mean. You know, Cloud was nothing
compared with Mog.....

Jaana: I really didn't need to hear that.

Aerith: Sorry. But I will help you get Sephiroth....if you promise to take him away.

Jaana: So how do you think you're going to help me?

Aerith: With this.

Aerith opens her hand. Resting inside is a softly glowing materia. Jaana's eyes widen.

Jaana: The white materia!

Aerith: Yes. The master white materia. It has the power to retrieve a
person from the lifestream. I've heard your powers are strong....perhaps you will be able to use it.

Jaana: What's the catch?

Aerith: Just keep him away from Mog. That's all I ask.

Aerith hands Jaana the white materia. She takes it and places it in Masamune.

Jaana: I'll keep him away......

Aerith: Now, I must return to my master. Good luck.

Jaana: I don't need luck.

Aerith: You might. Goodbye.

Aerith casts Warp, and disappears. Jaana begins the long journey to the lifestream cave....

Eventually she is cut off by the dark lord.

DL: So there is another goodie for such purposes. Ah well, I guess I can put
my black orb to other uses.

DLE draws his deceased cat, Kitse, from the void.

DL: Hey old fellah?

Kitse: Mwow?<crawls on DLE's back>

DL: Ow! Ah well, good to have ya back. Anyhow, Jaana, let's talk business.

Jaana: Yeah...?

DL: Mog's got spies everywhere, and somehow I doubt it'll be too long before
he learns you have a way of reviving his favorite queen. I figure two swords
are better than one.

Then he pauses for a moment, then continues.

DL: Not to mention, you still gotta un-assimilate him to get the moogle ideas
out of his head. We were in the process of unassimilating Aeris when we got
sick of her screaming and gave her back to Mog.

Jaana: And the catch?

DL: You just have to help me the next time I ask for help. So what do you say?

Jaana: Why do I suddenly feel like Dr. Faust?

DL: What?

Jaana: Never mind. You know, the last time I trusted someone with the first
name "Dark", he killed Sephiroth right in front of me.

DL: Are you saying that you don't trust me?

Jaana: That's exactly what I'm saying.....

DL: Somehow I don't blame you. Well, I doubt I can get you to trust me by
words alone, but I'll be keeping an eye on you and your surroundings anyway.

Kitse looks at Jaana as if she has some food to give him.

DL: Aw, come on you little...

DL picks up Kitse and they disappear in a puff of black smoke.

The winds echo the words...

...Good luck...

Jaana: (to herself) How do these people find me? Oh well, I'll take care
of that.

Jaana casts Vanish and becomes invisible. As she approaches the lifestream
cave, the white materia encased in Masamune begins to glow brighter and emit
a strange noise.

Jaana: I'm close. I can feel it.....

The opening of the cave looms before her. She enters the cave, careful not to disturb the sleeping Behemoths. Suddenly, the white materia emits a shrieking noise and begins to pull her forward. The Behemoths stir, but do not awaken. Jaana follows the materia's lead. As they move deeper into the cave, the materia glows brighter and brighter, as its pull becomes stronger. They round a corner, and the materia stops.

Jaana: The lifestream......He's here.......

She approaches the hall wall, and there stands the dark lord, leaning against the wall, looking in
the opposite direction.

DL: Beat ya to the spot... wherever you are.

Jaana makes it to the side as suddenly Mog and a group of Moogleboars charge

Mog: Dammit! We lost her!

DL: Greets, Mog.

Mog: Well well... should've known you'd be here. Did you see her?

DL: Oh yeah! She's already been and gone. They're probably headed to a spot
that has a decent medical lab...

Mog: And just how do we know you're telling the truth?

DL: You don't. Take your bet.

Mog:.... KuPug. Wait here and check for anything suspicious. The rest of us
are going hunting.

Mog and his moogles disappear in a puff of smoke, Keeping KuPug in watch of the
dark lord...

DL: So, KuPug, kupoed any humans lately?

KuPug: Ugh.(No, I'm getting desperate)

DL: Well... I guess I'd better run.<takes off down a corridor, with KuPug
roaring behind him>

(telepathically to Jaana): Okay girl, shoot.

Jaana peers out from behind the rock where she hid.

Jaana: I'll thank him later.'s time.

She moves toward the lifestream and gazes into it. She removes the white
materia from Masamune and holds it in her hands. She can feel its power
radiating in all directions. She closes her eyes, breathes deeply, bows
her head, and lifts the materia toward the lifestream. She begins to focus her
energy on the materia, feeling it drawing from deep within her.

Jaana: I call on the powers within....

The white materia begins to blaze with a strange blue light.

Jaana: grant unto him....

The blue light fills the cavern, casting strange shadows on the ground, as
the materia hovers in the air above Jaana.

Jaana: the gift of renewed life..........RESURRECT!

The materia explodes in a blinding flash of white light. Jaana is thrown
across the room. She hits the cavern wall, and everything is black.....

Dark Moogle: "Now is the time to make our move..."

Up above the cave, the Dark Moogles wait for the white moogles to be long
gone, and proceed into the cave.

DL: "You'll never catch me, KuPug!"

DM: "No, but I will."

DL (Stop suddenly): "Aw crud."

DM: "But I have no time for you. Agran. You know what to do with this human."

Agran the Ogre: "Yes sir..." He picks up KuPug and DL, and throws them into a

DM: "Now to barrier the whole up..." he places a telekinetic barrier around
it. " can use magic through here. But oh well. I'll just have to drain
your MP. Dark Sword!"

DL: "Damn." He uses an Elixir. "Yay!"

DM: "Dark Sword! WhiteWall Crunch!"

DL's MP goes to 0, and his items explode.

DM: "Okay, KuPug, go ahead and give him... DEATH BY KUPO!"

KuPug: "Okay..."


Down the cave...

Jaana: "What was that?"

DM (appearing behind her): "Just the betrayal of the good Dark Lord!"

Jaana: "What? You!! I'll kill you!!!"

DM: "Don't be too hasty... wherever you are. Let's see... Esuna!"

Jaana suddenly appears.

Jaana: "Argh! Va-"

DM: "Dark Sword!"

Jaana: "nish!" (nothing happens). "Dang!"

DM: "Now, for my side of things. I may have betrayed you, but it was merely for
you to lead me to the White Materia. Boy, I despise that color... at any rate!
We caught Dark Lord sneaking up behind you, sword drawn. I cast Mute on him,
and KuPug, and put them in a whole. Death by Kupo. 'This sad. But I think Dark
Lord will survive. But he will be busy for a while. Anyway, I will revive
Sephiroth for you, and take you and him to the Northern Paladin's Head
Quarters, where you can unassimilate him. On one condition. I keep this."

He waves his hand, and the White Materia telepathically comes to him.

DM: "Yes! It is complete! Oh yes, this is truly grand! Jaana. Go to the
Paladin's base. Sephiroth will be waiting in the brig for you. Tell them I
sent you to unassimilate him."

Jaana: "I don't trust you!"

DM: "But there's nothing you can do about it. You're MP is gone, and I'm
floating too high for you to attack me."

Jaana: "Darnit!"

DM: "Yes, indeed." He disappears leaving an Elixir behind.